In my Dream World, i would have my Dream Job

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I hate my job with a passion. I am not appreciated for all the things that I do. I am the cashier for two restaurants at a time. It gets hectic, the only time I get noticed is when either I make a mistake or when a server does. In my dream world, I could quit my job and find something better.

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“In my Dream World, i would have my Dream Job”

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Although it sounds like an amazing plan quitting my job would mean that I would no longer have a paycheck. Without money, I could not pay my bills, and would lose my apartment. In turn I would have no choice but to move in with my in laws. I can’t do that again, no freedom, and no privacy. It would be six people living in a two-bedroom house. Not to mention the fact that if I lost job, I would not be able to keep up my car payments so that would get reposed.

Quitting my job would be a dream come true. I would not have to deal with the manager blaming me for everything and telling me daily that I should get fired, because in his words “I am not his employee”. He has no respect for me and won’t even order supplies that I need for me. It has gotten to the point that I do not respect him either. Respect is a two-way street and I have no reason to respect him. A manager who is not even present during most business hours so he never see’s anything wrong with the restaurant.

The servers are just as bad as the manager. The servers have told me several times that I will not amount to anything in my life. They do not know my life. How dare they judge me without even knowing me. Every day that I work the servers try to set me up to either fail or get in trouble. For instance, yesterday one of the servers told the manager that I had lost his credit card receipt and he lost a twenty-dollar tip because of me. We found the receipt later, he had thrown it in the garbage.

In my dream world, I do not have to work for the Casinos. I would either be working with children as a teacher’s aide, have my own business, or become an author, the ultimate dream. It would be nice to like what I do for a living. Right now, I’m stuck because if I quit my job I would lose everything I am working for.

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