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When president Donald Trump won the election in 2016 it stirred up quite the ruckus worldwide not just in the United States. It is certain that more and more racism, police brutality, violence, and discrimination has risen since his election. There are many factors as to why people believe that president Trump should be impeached, it isn’t just for the reason of him being selfish and ignorant, or that he has ended contracts with other countries that have been active for many years; everyone has their own reasons as to why he should be out of office. Impeachment was constructed to remove anyone in office that have abused their power and resulted in committing a crime, which then loses trust and prohibits one from continuing their time in office. As for Trump, he has hindered justice for many, has violated the emoluments clause, has been racially offending many, has been unconstitutionally prisoning families, has created a misery for many living the United States and has been extremely selfish to with all his horrific decision making that has affected many citizens in several ways. Trump has only been in office for what it seems to be like a year and months, and has already abused his power and has made some very awful decisions causing this whole country turn against itself.

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Trump is known for his strong character, outspoken mindset, and let’s not forget he also has a horrid temper that everyone has seen especially news reporters. He has never been a fan of the media and has always said that everything that is reported is fake news, and has also been extremely rude to news reporters and journalists especially when he is being called out on live television on during conferences for all the wrongdoings he has done or even for something as simple as why did you do that or do you think that’s right. He is not much of a nice guy when he’s being called out for his mistakes especially on national television or face to face in person.

Trump has accused many news outlets of reporting fake news and has labeled them as the Enemy of the American People he has vigorously called out many outlets like; The New York Times, CNN, Daily Mail, ABC, and NBC news. As one may know it is the job, work and responsibility for these news reporters to organize press releases, get media coverage and have interviews with the firm or cover any other major thing that is happening around the country or around the world. But Trump is not a fan, he has a habit of going on rants on his Twitter account, he had tweeted back in July that the media just reports false information and that it is the enemy of Americans, and ended his tweet with SICK!. As a result, this tweet caused a series of backlash that was later deleted and reposted but reworded in a totally different manner. He tends to insult these firms in ways that are very unprofessional like calling them garbage or saying that they’re failures and are failing.

Anthony Brooks stated, Attacking the media and fake news was a staple of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. But now as president, he calls journalists enemies of the people. The New York Times publishersays these inflammatory attacks are sparking a rise in threats to journalists that could lead to violence, particularly overseas. Since Trump has very outspokenly talked about his hatred towards reporters, it has affected them in drastic ways and like Brooks said it has risked violent threats towards them.

Trump as well has fired threats to sue news companies and to get their licenses revoked after they have publicized something that wasn’t up to standard with him especially when they throw him under the bus. His hatred towards news publishers his so immense that he suggested that the United States liberal laws should change in order to make it less challenging by being able to punish news corporations. He has also attempted to fire some journalists as well as reporters and boycott news organizations.

A few of astonishing clap backs that Trump has given were to a couple of African-American females, he used verbal and derogatory insults that were unnecessary and as the leader of this country, he should know better than to say things like these to people. He has accused many people of asking unrelated and off-topic questions, but as a result, he has been aggressive and rude especially to females. Some of the things that Trump has said were a lot of stupid questions, sit down, loser. It’s these things that make people unhappy with the president that we have, his commentary is unnecessary and his negative attitude isn’t professional. As a president he should be a leader, set a good example and encourage people to become good United States citizens, he should care for people but instead, he does things like these and puts everyone down.

Trump is also known for his blackmailing tricks and his way of silencing people from speaking up of his wrongdoings or if they speak negatively of anyone close to him, in fact, he blackmailed Brett Kavanaugh and other United States senators about their pasts and said that he had a lot of back history on them and the type of past that they had. One shouldn’t have to deal with childish things like these and the president shouldn’t do these things either, it’s off topic. Everything he says is off topic.

It is a very serious job and commitment to be in control of a country and having to make decisions, some may agree and others may disagree; regardless of the president’s decisions no one will ever be satisfied with what they’re doing or how they chose to maneuver the laws and deal with crisis’s. Before an incoming president steps foot in office they must first pass all of the requirements and once elected they will oath at a ceremony with their right hand up saying, I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. As a result, it is the job for a president to do a good job at protecting everyone in this country and making the best decisions for everyone’s protection and safety, as well as improving the economy, providing more occupations, helping out with insurance and more governmental fundings for those that are in need. Since Trump has been in office, he has already violated the constitution in many ways. Trump has made this country a very unsafe place for many and multiple people have caught themselves living in fear and are unable to leave their homes without feeling uncomfortable. As president, he was to prevent this from happening and instead he has been causing it.

According to Newsweek, within two months of firing James Comey who was an FBI director, a California Democrat Sherman introduced the idea of impeachment, and agreeing with this idea was the Texas Representative Al Green. Comey was dismissed in an unjust way, for the reason of not being consistent enough and for performing an unsatisfactory investigation of Hilary Clinton’s private emails; moreover, Trump admitted oh firing James on a televised interview over the Russian issued because he believed that that story was made up by Democrats as an excuse so he could lose his election. This just goes to show that Trump obstructed justice and went against his oath. Not only has trump obstructed justice, but according to Newsweek, he has also; insinuated white supremacy, sexism, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, race-baiting and racism. All of these factors are a result of the Trump’s unfairness and discriminatory ways towards people and since he is very open about his feelings many people think that thinking like him is an okay thing, but it’s really not, it’s offensive and discriminatory for many. Living in this country one should be able to be comfortable since we claim to have freedom and we shouldn’t worry about criticism and we should be self-expressing; with this man in office, none of this is possible.

Vox stated, that the Trump administration justifies its zero tolerance policy of prosecuting everyone who crosses into the US illegally ??” including asylum-seeking parents who are separated from their children by being placed in criminal jails?? Since this policy has passed, there has been over two thousand children separated for their families. Many people thought that this was a marvelous idea on Trump’s part because this prevented from job stealers, rapists and delinquents from coming to the United States, but others disagreed. Innocent children and people don’t deserve this kind of treatment, their goal is to come to this country to seek for better futures, opportunities, and success; since president Trump has spoken very low of these human beings many see them as horrible people.

With this new policy that was constructed, children have been spilt and put into tents, these children suffered from trauma, were malnurtured, mistreated, raped and physically violated. These innocent children were put through these horrific situations simply because the president thought it was best for the country, and to help it stay safe. He also believed that with these harsh punishments it would prevent for more illegal aliens from coming to the United States.

Many people saw this as dehumanization because they weren’t treated like humans intreated like caged animals. President Trump had no intention in reuniting families, but after the backlash some have indeed been reunited, but as for the unfortunate ones, they are placed with the Health and Human Services Department of the United States, and they attempt to seek a home for these children until they have further information based on their status. It seems as if history has repeated it’s self with the whole tent set up, family separation, and brutality. Many may say that it was a very Hitler thing to do, as of how back then many men were taken to concentration camps.

Trump is a very cruel and wicked man, heartless needless to say for all the unsatisfactory performance he has done while being in office. It is thing after thing and everything he has done has created a backlash because no one is ever on the same page as him unless it’s his poorly educated redneck republican followers who are just as discriminative, rude and ignorant as he is. Our last wonderful president Obama, lasted eight years in office and did a far better job then Trump who only has been in office for less than two years. Of course, not everyone agrees, everyone has their own opinion, but the things that this president has done for many is very unjust and it has made this country fall apart. Police brutality, violence, discrimination, and dehumanization has only become far worse since his election. It is very ignorant and hypocritical of him to attack Mexican folks of being criminals, but since his election, there have been more mass shootings in schools, hospitals, etc. and all these being caused by white U.S. residents. As a leader he has failed tremendously trying to keep everyone united, safe and happy; he has created this country as a danger zone for many, especially those of a different race, ethnicity, gays and those who have different beliefs.

In conclusion, it is certain that many of these actions that president Trump has done have to lead to unfairness, and are very unjust. He has abused his power and the ability to control the country and has made it a very miserable place for anyone to live in, especially if you’re not the typical white United States citizen. Trump has broken his oath and has, in fact, went against his promise, as a result, this has just made a hostile environment for many to live in. The tabloids and the media all have their reasons as to why Trump should he out of office, he has been exposed and caught redhanded many times for his wrongdoings, but still, no one seems to really take action. We shouldn’t have to deal with a president as horrific as Trump, he should without a doubt be impeached.

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