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Lies and Redemption in “The Crucible”

The story of The Crucible is very interesting in many ways. It expands on the idea that a single lie can cause people to throw away their morales for their own personal benefit.Throughout the story one of the key characters to show this is John Proctor. John evolves through the story by using lies as […]

Pages: 3 Words: 885 Topics: Fiction, Lie, Morality, The Crucible

An Investigation of Pro-Social Lying in Successful Relationships

Keywords: Pro-Social Lying, White Lies, Relationship Satisfaction An Investigation of Pro-Social Lying in Successful Relationships The present study examines the correlation between pro-social lying and romantic relationship satisfaction. We hypothesized that the more deception present in a relationship, the less relationship satisfaction. A survey containing a Guttman scale and Likert scale was given to one-hundred […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2558 Topics: Communication, Deception, Interpersonal Relationships, Lie, Neuroscience, Research, Social Psychology
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Lying is Necessary in the Ways we Lie and the Great Gatsby

 In Stephanie Ericsson’s essay “The Ways We Lie,” she articulates the roles and consequences that lies play in American culture. Ericsson’s assertive tone provides insight into the harmful effects of different lies, while also implying that lies are necessary for daily life. However, she also cites Martin Buber, a philosopher of dialogue, to bolster her […]

Pages: 2 Words: 609 Topics: Human Nature, Lie, The Great Gatsby, Truth

Reasons why do People Lie

People lie all time, whether it is about how much money we make, or if it was about drinking or doing drugs. It doesn’t matter. The real question is why do we feel the need to lie? It’s not only kids that lie, it is adults that do it, in some cases more than children […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1138 Topics: Adolescence, Behavior, Lie, Mental Disorder, Truth

Is it Always Wrong to Lie?

Many people argue that lying is a selfish act and those who tell lies only do this to benefit themselves rather than the receivers of the lie. For instance, people would lie to get a job, better commissions, better grades or even promotions at work. Others will lie to achieve some psychological rewards such as […]

Pages: 2 Words: 619 Topics: Lie, Morality, Social Psychology, Stereotypes, Truth

Ethical Dilemma in Truth

Have you ever been in a dilemma where the only way to get away from hurting someone’s feelings is to lie to them but then they find out and will get hurt even more or just straight up tell the truth so that you won’t feel bad lying to them? I’ve been there plenty of […]

Pages: 2 Words: 639 Topics: Lie, Truth

Lying and Honesty

Lying Lying is an important social category. We, as humans, tend to react negatively to ‘‘lies and the lying liars who tell them’’ (Franken, 2003). We humans, expend considerable effort and resources developing techniques to detect lies and liars, both as a practical matter when, say, developing technologies to screen for terrorists at airports, and […]

Pages: 3 Words: 825 Topics: Deception, Epistemology, Justification, Lie, Trust, Truth
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