Is Donald Trump Becoming a Great Presidnet?

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Fake news has shown clips to make Donald Trump look like an awful president but in reality, he has done some great things during his presidency. Donald Trump is becoming a great president because of his accomplishment during his presidency, by helping the economy, to putting pressure on North Korea to denuclearize.

Trump during his presidency has been improving the economy. One way he has helped the American economy is in 2018 he made tax cuts which not just has helped the economy but also has helped workers and was one of the highest tax cut in the U.S.A. The tax cut mainly affected the middle class which 70% of Americans considers themselves to be in the class. (CNBC) The economy has added 3.2 million jobs while Trump has been in power. The jobs growth is not only great but to added to the jobs, the unemployment rate has been the lowest since 2000.

Second Trump has talked to a couple of countries about the nuclear agreements, whether it be making a deal to denuclearize or pulling out of a flawed deal. In may of 2018, Trump pulled out the Iranian nuclear deal that President Obama created in April of 2017. The speaker of the house Paul Ryan said, From the beginning, the Obama-era Iran Deal was deeply flawed ??¦ I have always believed the best course of action was to fix to the deficiencies in the agreement. (Fox) The biggest reason we did not fix the area that was flawed was that we could not get the Europeans to an understanding, to add Trump pulled out because the Iranian government was not following the agreement.

Critics might say Trump has put immigrants into cages and that they should be free. All of the Immigrants that the critics are talking about are all illegal and taking the jobs that no American citizen will take the dirty jobs, AKA the jobs in the fields picking plants. This is completely false because Doris Miller is a grandma to four grandkids and when she was young she dropped out of school after eighth grade to work in farms picking bean then went off to go work in the factories. Doris Miller is a first generation American who worked the jobs that no American will take, and is living proof that the critics are wrong. The topic about putting the illegal immigrants into detention center has been a big topic in the media since Trump has been in power but when Obama was president he was never a voice about putting the illegal immigrant in the centers. It was no big deal when Obama over two million illegal immigrants into centers,(Vox) but the minutes Trump but one illegal immigrant into the center the media decides what Trump was doing was inhumane. When putting illegal immigrants into the centers it does not make him an awful president, it makes him great president because more American citizens can have jobs and the unemployment rate will be lower which is great for the economy.

Trump has not only dealt with the corrupted government of Iran but is dealing with the Communist country of North Korea about de-nuclearising. The Agreement is for the U.S.A. development a new relationship with North Korea and also for the Peace, Prosperity, and security of the Korean Peninsula and also for the world. (NBC) Kim Jong Un has agreed to the Panmunjom Declaration, which works towards the total process of denuclearization of the North Korean Peninsula. Also, the two commanders are now talking to each other instead of threatening war, which is what they were doing before the agreement that Donald Trump proposed.

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