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Donald John Trump, current President of the United States, is simultaneously a know-it-all and a know-nothing. He claims to have the highest IQ, but his words and actions prove the exact opposite. Acting and speaking on impulse, Trump has made outrageous allegations, fired off personal insults, and vocalized unapologetic sexism. He is a man who is far more concerned with himself and his own personal gains, rather than with the ultimate well-being of the nation. Furthermore, President Trump has issued nuclear annihilation threats to other nations, such as Iran, through Twitter. Twitter’s policy states that the act of threatening violence to another being is a severe violation. However, the social media company seems to make an exception when it comes to President Donald Trump. In January, Twitter published a public blog post stating that blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate, (Fiegerman). Despite his unacceptable manners, Trump has, shockingly, offered something unique  and possibly beneficial  to the United States of America.

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Supporters of Trump have a hard time admitting to things he has done wrong, while those who despise him cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the good he has done. However horrible of a person Trump has proven himself to be, he has managed to get a sizable amount accomplished in his year and a half of holding office. The President has successfully held a meeting with one of the world’s most rogue leaders, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, brought unemployment down to to just 3.9% the lowest it has been since 2000, and formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. However, his most prominent and impactful improvements have been with the economy. There is no doubt that our financial system is thriving under Trump much more than previous Presidents, with African-Americans experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in history as well as increasing our economic growth to 4.1% annually (Ambrose).

While Trump’s Cabinet is full of successful businessmen, such as Department of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, their roles as heads of the world’s most powerful country could be anything but. Over five members of his Cabinet posses little-to-no governmental experience, which is nothing short of alarming given their top-dog positions. The most notable major legislation passed by President Trump has undoubtedly been the Republican tax overhaul, dubbed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Despite this major achievement, the majority of laws passed during the Trump administration thus far has been repealing Obama-era rules and modifying existing regulations. As far as plans to implement more laws before his term comes to an end go, President Trump has only spoken of enacting a short-term health plan, cheaper than Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

In regards to foreign relations, Trump is mostly disliked world-wide. However, he has attempted and seemingly successfully mended relationships with Russia and North Korea, holding separate meetings with the two leaders. Nevertheless, whether this newfound friendship is good for our country is up for debate. In England, according to surveys conducted by polling organization YouGov, only 11% of British citizens believe Trump is a “great” president, while 67% think he is a terrible” president (Curtis). Needless to say, Trump did not receive a warm welcome when he flew in to the United Kingdom for a working visit. Furthermore, after posting a seemingly racist tweet online over South African “land and farm seizures” and the “killing of farmers, the country accused President Trump of igniting further racial divisions and expressed their disappointment to the U.S. charge d’affaires, Jessye Lapenn.

Trump has proven that he is not afraid to meet with the harshest of leaders around the world. Still, Trump’s temperament, judgement, and own personal opinions seem to get the best of him. On November 27 of 2017, Donald Trump’s official twitter retweeted a graphic anti-Muslim video (Merica), just after using a racial slur in front of a group of Native American war heroes (Mercia, At a Navajo Veterans). After multiple of these blunders, Trump seemingly has no filter whatsoever, which can and will get him and therefore the whole country into a heap of trouble. Additionally, he has virtually zero respect for women. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Trump states, You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful  I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. (Claire). It should come as no surprise then that President Trump was surveyed to be our nations most controversial President, for obvious reasons.

As we proceed further and further along in his Presidency, more and more citizens speak of their distrust in Trump, along with announcing their knowledge of Trump’s variations of the truth. Even former President Jimmy Carter has spoken about Trump, stating that he think(s) it’s well-known that the incumbent president is very careless with the truth, (Former President Jimmy Carter). In fact, as his presidency wears on, Trump’s inclination for saying false things is increasing, as he now averages more than eight untruths a day. As of October 30th, just 649 days into Presidency, Trump has publicly carried out 6,420 false claims (In 649 Days) Of these claims, his supporters are likely to believe and trust in all but few of them, not bothering to put forth the effort required to research his spoken facts (Cillizza). Additionally, In the results of multiple surveys, Trump has consistently been ranked as our nation’s worst President, ranking lower than any previous leader (Eady, S. Vaughn, and Rottinghaus).

Ever since Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States, America has been in a state of anxiety. It is the opinion held by the majority of U.S. citizens that the President and those who hold governmental positions should be required to deliver only facts and truth to the public. Many individuals would much prefer a blunt and truthful President over one who sugarcoats and fabricates stories to their audience. The people, as voters and listeners, need to be made fully aware of the political affairs taking place in order to ensure the politicians they are electing into office are logical and trustworthy. It comes as no shock that Trump has made many mistakes not only in his Presidential career but also in his personal life. However, in a rather unique and unexpected way, Donald Trump has brought stability to our nation economically. It is the hope of the citizens from all 50 states that Trump continues to minimize his national blunders, while maximizing our country’s potential.

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