Trump Impeachment Process

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President Donald Trump has been in office for a year and 10 months, which for some people its been enough. It is time for Congress to introduce an impeachment inspection on President Trump for obstruction of justice. Impeachment was designed to remove any executive branch officials that have over used their power to commit a misdemeanor or a high crime, which they no longer can be trusted to continue in office. Donald Trump has influenced a mood of anger towards journalist or citizens, he’s obstructed justice, Breaking the Emoluments clause of the United States Constitution, supporting violence and unconstitutionally prisoning families. Trump has been over using his power ever since he has stepped in foot as President and needs to be impeached before things gets way out of hands.

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“Trump Impeachment Process”

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According to Google, a press officer is part of an organization like the New York Times or Daily Mail, that is responsible of organizing press releases, media coverage, and interviews for its firm. President Trump has been accusing the press of “fake news” or referring them as “ the enemy of the American people.” He has fired threats to sue news companies or to get their license revoked due to the fact that he doesn’t like the way they run their new business. Also, he has suggested in changing the U.S. liberal laws in order to make it unchallenging to punish news firms. According to the Columbia Journalism Review, President Trump has used his twitter account to tweet over a thousand of tweets criticizing and disparaging the press. He has also tweeted words to press like “garbage”, “sad” or “failing” and has tried to fire certain journalists or boycott the media organizations. Out of all, the worst thing our president has done is insult or attack a New York Times reporter, by the name of Serge Kovaleski, for having joint problems called arthrogryposis, a congenital condition that impacts the movements of the joints. Our president that is supposed to care for our people is actually insulting people or reporters by using their personal problems to shut them down, which isn’t right at all. He is also black mailing reporters in order to silence them, which he is violating their freedom of speech, first amendment, and free society.

Before stepping in as office, a president is to oath, as stated, “I do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States. Which would mean that president trump has already violated the constitution by obstructing justice, right before he took office. He persuade or asked the FBI Director, James Comey to desert the inspection of the Russian intrusion in the election of 2016, but James refused to terminate the investigation, which lead him to getting fire by the president. Our president is supposed to follow the constitution not break them and believe they can get away with it due to the amount of power they have. According to The Guardian, Donald admitted of firing James ,on a televised interview, over the “Russian thing”, because he believe that it was a story that was made up by the democrats in excuse of losing the election, which could’ve or could’ve not been true. But why would Trump prevent James from continuing his investigation if it was just a made up story? Or was he hiding something? Either one, Trump was breaking the law when he obstructed justice. What kind of president would feel okay with breaking the law and believing that he or she should not get punished for because I wouldn’t. Should us, citizens, be bale to break the law and not pay any consequences for our actions? Cuz our president thinks so.

On April 6, 2018, President Donald Trump passed a zero tolerance policy that prosecutes all individuals who cross the borders illegally to the United States, separating children from their parents when they attempt to cross the border together. Some people believe that the policy is a “ cruel new child separation policy,” according to Politifact. Just with in 2 weeks of passing the policy, about 700 children were divided from their parents in May, according to Politifact. Before Trump passed the zero tolerance policy, families who were detained together were sent back immediately or paroled into the country, stated by Peter Margulies, a professor at Roger Williams University in immigration laws. With the new policy being passed, the zero tolerance, families are now being separated and put into cages or camps like animals, in which the conditions are in humane, heartless or cruel. President Trump has zero plans of reuniting families with their children, even if the child is being deported back to. If the parents of the child is being prosecuted, the child is then handed to the Health and Human Services Department of the United States. The agencies duty is to find a sponsor for the child until he or she find outs about its status will be. Donald Trump believes that harsh punishment would prevent more and any immigrants from from wanting to cross the border. Immigrants, especially children, should not be treated as caged animals just because they come from another country. They deserve to be held in custody with their families in a appropriate detention center.

The emolument clause of the constitution is stated in Britannica, “generally prohibits federal office holders from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing value from a foreign state or its rulers, officers, or representatives, explain that Trump is not allowed to receive any gifts or money from anyone in general. Which every time any foreign President or official stays at any of Trumps hotels, he or she is supporting any new organization projects or trade marks that Trump has planned, which means that President Trump is breaking the Constitution of the United States. Just like when the Chinese President, XI Jinping, approved 40 trade marks of Trump and in June approved another 9 of Donalds Trademarks. Also, anytime that Trump takes any foreign office holders to his gold course or they just go voluntarily without Trump presents, he or she is sending taxpayer money into his business, which is violating the Domestic Emoluments Clause.

According to Google, equal protection of the laws is in the United States fourth amendment saying “states guarantee the same rights, privileges, and protection to all citizens.” On August 12, 2017, there was a neo-Nazi Riot in Charlottesville that ended with people being killing and injuring. President Trump decided to protect the new-Nazi that decided to kill a protestor, which Trump was violating duty to shield the citizen against violence. Trump also gave specific instructions to the police offices to be rough with the protestors who were under arrest which he was violating his duty to devote executions of the laws. Trump has shown a pattern of ignoring the simple responsibilities that are in the constitution that a president must follow.

In my opinion, President Trump should be impeached for over using his power, neglecting immigrants, receiving cash and breaking laws. A proper President should look out for his people, not insult them. He should treat everyone fairly no matter what skin color or place you come from. A president should not receive any gifts from any foreign presidents. A President should show his people that you need to be kind, loving and understanding, not like Trump who is showing his people that if you commit a crime you won’t be prosecuted. Trump needs to change his way in order for him to continue as the President of the United States.

In conclusion, An impeachment was created to abolish any executive branch officials who have mistreated their power, committing misdemeanors or crimes in which they can’t be trusted to advance in office. President Trump has over used his powers in many situation from attacking the press to obstructing justice. How much longer are we going to left President Trump get away with these misdemeanors or crimes till we are able to impeach him from office. We have him confessing on live television on the accusations, what more do you need? It’s time to end Donald Trump from his Presidency.                                                       

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