Trump and Zucker are Codependent on each other

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In the article written for the New York Times Magazine, Donald Trump and his presidency has been giving sole responsibility for the saving the 24 hour news station, CNN. Had Trump lost the election, CNN would probably have returned to its previously scheduled struggle for survival. Instead, it has become more central to the national conversation than at any point in the network’s history since the first gulf war. While CNN is not the cable-news network that profited from Trumps current role of politician, Fox and MSNBC has also seen a rise in ratings that has not seem to slow down.

Jeff Zucker was a producer for NBC when the reality show headed by Donald Trump was at its peak. Mr. Zucker worked to ensure the Donald Trump would be known as more than a subpar Real Estate mogul with failing casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The co-dependent relationship between the television executive and the current President of the United States is based on the need for both of them to be relevant. Mr. Zucker needed Trumps reality show to help him climb the corporate ladder. In turn, Mr. Zucker made Trumps even more popular. As the POTUS cements his title as president of political sound bites, once again Mr. Zucker benefits. Mr. Zucker’s political affiliation is not specified in the article but one could assume he is not a Trump supporter and yet there may not have been a President Trump without him and possibly without Trump Mr. Zucker may not be the President of CNN Worldwide.

In the first paragraph, the sentence “had Trump lost…gulf war” was taken from the original article in the exact format but appears as the my original work due to missing quotation marks. The quotation mark would allow the reader to recognize that these are the words of Jonathan Mahler, the writer of the article I am referencing.

In the first paragraph, the sentence “while CNN…seemed to slow down” has only minor modifications to the wording. Synonyms were used so that the sentence is not an exact quote but no attribution was made to the originator of the idea.

In the second paragraph, the sentence “Mr. Zucker worked…failing casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey” states the main idea of the article written by Jonathan Mahler. Adding the phrase “according to Jonathan Mahler” this sentence looks as if it was used with giving the author of the article proper attribution.

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