Corruption of Criminal Justice System

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Over the years, acts of corruption by the administrations in authority have for a long time shaken the public faith in government. However, the loss of public confidence is particularly acute when those involved are the police. Unfortunately, the police have acquired a dubious reputation. They have been accused of committing acts of corruption which might include abuse of authority, money laundering, concealing of criminals and also the violation of human rights (Corinthia, 85). As a result, such inhuman acts have led to mass public outcry hence putting the criminal justice system at a tight spot due to the increasing number of attacks resulting from police brutality.

When the security agencies disrespect the law and fail to honor their code of conduct, they inadvertently promote a culture of corruption that breeds deception, greed, and discrimination (Corinthia, 85). Police corruption exists because police culture protects and embraces officers who intentionally, execute innocent people. Additionally, the culture is promoted when close ranks officers to the perpetrators of the crime, cover up knowledge of an officer's misconduct with the aim of self-preservation.

This culture of corruption arises when there is a failure in the recruitment process, lack of resources and failure of the courts to be accountable. As a result, the public acquires a negative attitude towards the judicial and legal systems that condone police impunity (Corinthia, 87). Most security departments in which corruption is rife tend to have weaknesses in the recruitment process. This is because the police units do not adequately investigate the officers been recruited or trained. As a result, some of these officers tend to have serious criminal records that undermine the confidence in law enforcement.

Lack of resources in the police department stems from educational and cultural deficiencies. Research shows that most security departments lack funds to pay the security officers who then end up extorting innocent civilians and receiving bribes to survive (Corinthia, 89). Additionally, some of the security officers act as hit men for organized criminal gangs for them to be paid lucratively.

The judicial system has been accused of lacking integrity and accountability when hearing cases that concern officers who have abused their powers in the line of duty. In most cases, prosecutors have been accused of covering up the evidence and using vague law in the prosecution of the facts (Corinthia, 91). Additionally, the courts have been accused of turning a blind eye to police brutality and also failing to mete out befitting punishment for impunity.

Thus, lack of judicial accountability reflects implementation of vague laws that put inadequate restrictions on security agencies. It also reveals that the state has failed to criticize police impunity hence, police brutality will always creep in where justice gatekeepers fail to shut the door in its face (Corinthia, 97). In conclusion, to reduce police brutality, laws must be passed with zero tolerance for corruption. Furthermore, the state must provide adequate resources to cater for the officers and finally, proper monitoring policies must be established to ensure that the police serve the citizens per the law.

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