Reforms in the Criminal Justice System

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There have been rising concerns on the criminal justice system that has seen the system require different changes to accomplish the mission of the system. The main reason for presenting this topic on the criminal justice system is because it has experienced various challenges and requires some reforms. Therefore, presenting such information will be in need to understand the changes that should be initiated for the system to be streamlined.

The data was collected from the different areas that make up the criminal justice system. The system is comprised of three areas that are law enforcers, the court system and correctional facilities. Therefore, in understanding the three different areas an individual will be able to come up with a concrete representation of each and how they can be used to help each to curb the issue of rising crimes across the globe (Thomas & McGourlay, 2017). The primary goal of presenting information on this topic is to help people understand the importance of integrating the three elements of the criminal justice system.

The selection of the data visualization was based on the source of the data and the methods that were used to collect the data. The fairness of data visualization was ensured through taking multiple sources and analyzing them to understand the issue better. It can also be achieved by identifying the data that fits in the topic instead of getting bulk data and trying to filter them out them out for the best. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the various departments to ensure that they pass information to the relevant department for the success of the whole system (Vincelette & Bostic, 2013). In writing this topic, I intended to ensure that all the system work closely together and that they understand the importance of each other.

Therefore, it is my call to the instructor that he will find the importance of presenting information about the criminal justice system and find it possible to guide along writing the whole topic. I request the instructor to give the essential aspects that might be missed out in the presentation and how a good compilation can be achieved.

The challenges that are faced in the criminal justice system are as a result of the failure of communication within the three elements. There has also an increased trend in corruption involving the various components of the system and which has led to an inability to accomplish their mission. The law enforcers are regarded as the first-hand information source, and if they fail to present such information to the court system, then the crimes are expected to rise since criminals will not be sentenced or taken to correctional facilities (Vincelette & Bostic, 2013).

The criminal justice system

The data for the reliable information on the criminal justice system should be obtained from the three components presented above. The police should provide information on the incidences that they handle that are crime related and how many proceed to the final stage. The courts should provide information on the number of cases they receive from the police and the way they deal with such information (Thomas & McGourlay, 2017). The court should comment on how effective the information is presented to them by the police and how the police can become more useful in making the system successful. The correctional facilities should also offer services that will make the criminals more useful in the society.

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