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Being that there is a growing number of DUI related accidents in Fresno, California, the research that I feel is needed to conducted is determining what the riskiest time and day of the week to be on the road. An important question to ask is, “On which day of the week are individuals more likely to drive while intoxicated?” I assume that weekend nights, primarily Fridays and Saturdays as containing the majority of alcohol related DUI’s than any other day of the week. I suspect that drug related DUI’s will be randomly distributed throughout the week and but as with alcohol related DUI’s, I expect that drug related DUI’s will be more rampant on weekend nights as well. When thinking of DUI related arrests and accidents, I wonder… does age have anything to do with this? A good research question for this would be, are young adults and teenagers more prone to driving while intoxicated? My research plan will collect data from the city of Fresno for both DUI citations and arrests every week for a full year from their local police department. The design will determine which day of the week is more susceptible to DUI’s and determine whether it was drug or alcohol related and will also include the age category that each incident falls in to. The age categories will be as follows;

  1. Below 18
  2. 18-21
  3. 21-25
  4. 25-35
  5. 35-45
  6. 50+

If you think Fresno is full of bad drivers, this study says you’re right

Last year in the United States, Fresno came in at number 15 out of 75 for worst drivers and the Fifth highest in the nation for driving while intoxicated. Fresno is now cracking down on those who choose to drive while under the influence, according to Anderson, 2017, “Fresno officers made 1.598 DUI arrests in 2016”. Officers are now coming down harder on those who break the law.

Fresno Police make multiple DUI arrests as “Big Game” weekend kicks off

Fresno officers are diligently patrolling the streets in an effort to make the road a more secure place to be by taking intoxicated individuals off the road. Checkpoints are a great way to scour the streets for drivers that may be under the influence. When a person is stopped at a checkpoint, looking into their eyes would be the first step to tell if they have been drinking or may be on drugs. The next step would be to determine their coordination, and last check the blood alcohol level.

A problem I see with checkpoints is that people often warn friends and family members of checkpoint locations and advise them to take alternative routes to avoid be being stopped. This does not help anyone. Officers are doing what they can to keep people safe, those who warn others and advise them to take alternative routes are only contributing to the growing problem.

Collecting data on motorists that are driving while intoxicated is utterly significant because with information that we’ve gathered, we can begin to see trends and better prepare to tackle these situations. Those who break the law should be given punishments that not only deter them from doing it again but also deters others from committing the same acts. This will encourage drivers to seek alternative methods of transportation when out partying, creating a safer place everyone on the road.

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