A Worldwide Crime

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Cybercrime is known to be a worldwide crime due to its outrageous outcomes. Cybercrime doesn't involve with just one crime, but indeed with multiple crimes. Some crimes that involve a cyber crime are Hacking, Scams, Computer vandalism, Cyber Terrorism, Phishing, and Internet Fraud. Cybercrime is considered to be one of the biggest threat to society because personal and confidential information is being stolen through the internet. Illegal activities that involve cybercrime are mainly made by fraudsters and identity thieves. Throughout the years' cybercrime has evolved into something big that is getting out of control as years go on. The reason cyber crime is so big right now and is considered a threat to society is that of technology and the internet.

Cybercrime started as something small ,however as the internet and technology started to advanced the attacks started to become bigger. The first cybercrime started as something small and simple, and that were hacked. As, different hacks were being made to steal information from other but, as the Internet became more known so did the cyber attacks. The first major wave of cybercrime occurred with the increase of emails during the late 80s [1]. It allowed for a host of scams and malware to be delivered to different inboxes. In the 90s the second cyber crime in history came when advancements in web browsers[1]. Viruses started to develop in web browsers. Viruses were delivered through the internet especially when visiting certain types of websites. In the other hand, once the internet and social started to become big, people started to trust all the websites they visit and add all of their information into their profiles.

Many people around the world fear to be a victim of cyber crime since they put their information in danger. One major thing that people fear is their personal and confidential information being stolen without them noticing. Information such as money, identity, and even their social security can be stolen and used against them. As years pass and technology increases then it can be said that cyber crime will increase as well. As cyber crime increases and more damages are made, the cost of the crime will end up increasing too. It said that attacks made by criminals will surface over 6 billion people by the year 2021 and will increase every year [2]. Many people who are trying to bring the people to justify are using the same tools criminals used to commit crimes. All the damages made by the criminals are going to end up hitting costs of 6 trillion dollars annually by the year 2021 [2].

Cyber crime forces many people around the world live in fear especially, when they have a chance of becoming a victim of a crime. Many thieves use different techniques to do a crime that involves with stealing any information of anyone. Cybercrime left a mark as an established global criminal industry that operated in gangs, that use methods to get into anything on the internet. The so called criminal industry made over half a trillion dollars every year [1]. Many of the crimes are very difficult to detect because of different reasons, going private is one of them. Criminals tend to use different types of networks and servers to disguise themselves when doing any crime. That is why it's so difficult to detect and find them. Some of the servers and networks they use are the Proxy server, TOR browser, and VPN. The Proxy server is used to hide all the information of the resources and websites you access. The TOR browser prevents people from seeing the websites you visited, and it also lets you access any blocked websites. Finally, the Virtual Private Network or better known as VPN is a network that extends private networks over public networks. It is a very popular network since it helps hide your identity [3].

Initially, cyber crime started somewhere in the world but that place is unknown. However, there are places where cybercrime is mostly seen the most and that place is mainly the United States, but there are other countries where different types of crimes are being made such as China, Russia, and Brazil [4]. China has the highest percent of cyber crimes initiated in there country out of all 4. China has initiated a percent of 27.24 cyber attacks and overall has 41 percent of the worlds cyber attacks trace their genesis back to its country [4]. The United States has initiated a percent of 17.12 of cyber attacks [4]. 4.3 percent of all the global attacks are generated by Russia and 5.12 percent is initiated by them [4]. Lastly, Brazil has initiated 8.60 percent of the cyber attacks in the world [4].

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