Hate Crime Operational Guidance

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Recent reports of hate crime document significant increase in psychological distress as well as post traumatic stress and depression towards victims that are not motivated by bias crimes There are many types of hate crimes that happened throughout the world but three main ones that are common are sexual orientation, race and terrorist attacks ( American psychological association). Hate crimes are those with the malicious intent to hurt or harm people or property based on their identity such as: sexual orientation, religion, sex, ethnicity and disabilities. Hate crimes have been around for many years leading back to slavery and even now with immigration status and Islamic terrorist attacks. Hate crimes are done by attackers who seek attention and believe that society doesn’t care about the victims or worse, will applaud their assault, Hate crime has been one of the most looked at by the federal beau of investigation because of the devastating impact it has on families and communities (FBI 2018). Data shows little information about certain targeted groups such as the LGBT communities. It is said that they don’t report their crimes because they fear for their lives and or are not ready for the world to know about their sexuality. Hate crimes may have substantial and wide-ranging psychological effects, not just for their immediate victims but for others too. The purpose of reports is to see the psycho-emotional results of hate crime.

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“Hate Crime Operational Guidance”

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Hate incidents create complex webs of effects involving the individual victims and the entire group. Although the figures of those who have been now victimized by hate incidents in Latvia are comparatively smaller, the result of each particular occurrence is indisputable. Hate crimes are classified as a specific and unusual kind of crime for the cause. Hate crimes are planned to be different as their perpetrators consciously decide to move people only because of the group they present. The hate crime is somebody trying to tell to a specific group that you don’t belong in our larger house. Hate crimes represent an effort to affirm to the entire group that they are categorically and essentially different. There is currently an inequality in the force involving other types of hate crimes. An attacker who is has a bias intent and is racially and religiously motivate to commit the hate crime may be committed with particular crimes of racially or religiously aggravated mistreatment or rape. Nevertheless, perpetrators of homophobic hate crimes are charged with the existing offence, rape, and that discriminatory need is taken into account during the sentencing process (whoishostingthis, 2018). If the government does have the hate crime force or government law enforcement becomes involved in the fact, the important thing is that somebody must commit the actual crime to be charged with a hate crime. This crime will then be raised to one hate crime if there’s sufficient evidence to suggest that the idea for this deed was hatred, but if no offense was committed in the way of somebody making something hateful, it’s a hostile act, but not one hate crime. At these situations where there are no local hate crimes laws, hate crimes must be committed in the national level, as was the case for cap at South Carolina. Nevertheless, charging someone with a hate crime in the territory without local hate crime laws will be much more challenging than in situations with these forces.

A growing number of researchers gather data that shows the emotional and mental effects of those who have lost loved ones due to violent crimes, They strike at our sense of self, our sense of belonging. The end result is loss: loss of trust, loss of dignity and, in the worst case, loss of life (CNN, 2017, Rabson, 2018). Members of the LGBT community fear for their lives because they feel that everyone is the same but with different likings and believe they shouldn’t be treated differently due to their choice of who they love and want to be with. Most hide and don’t come out to their families and friends because they don’t like to feel out of place or feel that they won’t be token serious because of their choices. Not only do they feel that everyone is against them but they go through emotional and mental abuse. Statistics show that the ones that are affected are the LGBT youth in low income communities, five to seven percent of the country’s overall youth population (Holt 2014). LGBT youth go through discrimination by people in their homes, schools and often feel that the authority does not support them. They sometimes feel that authority is not there for them for support when in juvenile facilities.

Childhood abuse is a strong predictor of future exploitation. People who are physically and/or sexually abused equally kids are twice as expected to remain victims of gender-based aggression later at time. While males represent almost 5 times more likely than females to describe getting been victims of personal abuse as babies, females are three times more likely to have been sexually victimized as children. Almost half of all hate crimes committed at U.S. Have to do with competition. According to the Federal office of research, 47 percent of hate crimes are racially driven. Second place, the tie between faith and sexual orientation, doesn’t even be near, accounting for just 19 percent of hate crimes, respectively, “”The 2011 hate crime statistics show 46.9% were motivated by race and 20.8% by sexual orientation””(Lake county news 2011). The FBI reported that for 2006, hatred crimes against homosexual people increased from 14 percent to 16 percent in 2005, as proportion of gross documented hatred crimes across this U.S. This 2006 annual report, issued on Nov 19, 2007, also stated that hate crimes from sexual orientation are the third most common form behind race and belief. In 2008, 17.6 percent of hate crimes were from the person’s perceived sexual orientation. Of those offenses, 72.23 percent were hostile in world due to motivated crimes because of sexual orientation.

In the case of the Kroger shooter he was charged with 2 counts of murder hate for shooting two grandparents who were African American. He had his mind set to kill black people because he first wanted to enter a predominantly black church where he failed his attempt to kill and then proceeded to go to a Kroger store where his intent to kill was then done and then said a racial slur, Whites don’t kill whites (Chokshi 20180). Hate crimes and racial slurs have been around since the slavery years and till now continue and even with immigration status. This most obvious kind of hate crime at this period of the United States is anti-Black or African American hatred crime. The reasons for the social importance are twice as numerous. First, the value of the dark social movement of the twentieth century in some ways set the groundwork for civil rights movements across the United States . Secondly, the statistics show that the U.S. Free from racial discrimination remains the statement. In the United States, most offenses that direct victims on this ground of their race or ethnicity are believed to be hate offenses. Whites are committing offences against colored people, and going out with them consistently, because juries are having difficulty empathizing with black victims. We have become so racially polarized that whites can sympathize with white faces and colored people can sympathize with black looks. The United States has adopted an aggressive policy on pursuing offences that are incited by racist hate. This action of bias crimes is mostly attempted by the states and not the government. Practically all states have adopted laws that allow more punishments for crimes in which racial prejudice or prejudice against immigrant groups, women, or gays plays the part. There is also the national force, the Hate Crimes Sentencing improvement Act of 1994, which conducts the U.S. huge issue and we’re not speaking it well. Laws are created to control what people do and have some type of control over you because without the laws everything goes downhill. There is the 1st amendment that deals with the freedom of speech, press and religions which allows people to speak what they want without a criminal charge. United States law keeps legislature from creating any law respecting the institution of faith, forbidding the unrestricted activity of faith, or abridging the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or to petition for a governmental redress of grievances. It was assumed on Dec 15, 1791, as one of those ten amendments that represent this measure of Rights. The Unites States have seen an increase in hate crimes in 2016 by the white supremacist, White people committed 46.3 percent of hate crimes, while blacks committed 26.1 percent (Lyons 2017).

A person dealing with hate crimes due to their race/ethnicity and or sexual preference makes it hard for them because they feel like no one is there for them or even for moral support. Some cases have shown that not only it affects their mentality but their overall perspective of life. For those who come out it makes it easier because they know how to deal with it and just ignore what is said towards them unlike others that are not full out they let anything and everything get to them because their state of mind is not as strong. Life is full of ignorant people that have hatred built up inside that it only gets stronger and stronger. Each time we encounter an issue that cause the disruption in our emotional state, the change in being confused or frightened, and distressed is one’s ability to deal with the trouble being experienced. Mental pain significantly interferes with the individual’s ability to carry through day-to-day activities that were previously made with no trouble.

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