Imperialism was One of the Factors of the First World War

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There are four causes of World War One, imperialism, militarism, nationalism and military alliances. Imperialism refers to the intense competition for colonies across the world, to have dominance over countries economically, politically and socially and Europe wanted to colonize territories. The effects of imperialism was the fact that countries could take over the customs and traditions of countries. Militarism explains how countries build strong armed forces to prepare for war. Militarism can have a negative effect because political leaders can potentially use it even when it is not necessary. Nationalism is when a country thinks that they are more superior than other countries, it is also when people have a strong loyalty to their country. This causes war because countries think that other countries are inferior to them. The last ause of World War One, military alliance which consisted of two groups: the triple alliance, Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy and the triple entente, Britain, France and Russia.

The United States tried to remain neutral during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency by not interferign in the European war and they did not want to take part in foreign wars. However, The United States failed in sustaining neutrality because they stopped tradng ith germany due to Britains blackade. If teh United States was neutral then they would have stopped trading with Britain as well but they did not. They contuined trading with Britain and accpeted the bockade of Germany. The United States became a country that was once neutrl into the “arsenal of allies.” The United States loaned Germany and Britain money for the U.S banks, this proves how the United States was not neutral economically.

Germany formed a barac-tatic which involved submarine warfare. Germany attacked a British ship Lusitania by sinking it, which killed one-hundred and twenty eight Amercans. This angerd president Wison and he gave Germany a formal warning that this tragedy shoudl not repeat itself. Germany then attacked another ship that belonged to eh French called the Susex which injured American passengers. President Wilson gave Germany anotehr formal warning and told them to dissole their ilegal tactics. The United States did not want to take any military action on Germany hence the reason why they gave Germany many warnings. The United States also failed to remain neutral because America declared war on Germany due to Germany sending a telegram to Mexico perseuading them to join their alliance in exchange for teh land that America took from them, Germany were threathening the United States and their crimes on the seas. 

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