Supporting American Imperialism

American imperialism is basically America gaining more power. I personally support imperialism. I have five main points to why I support imperialism. My first point is sharing the economic factors. During US imperialism, it was a top priority and there were high hopes to find new areas and markets for trading. Through imperialism, the United States has made new trading partners and it has opened new trade markets. As a specific example, through imperialism, the US opened up trade with East Asia. My second point, is the political benefits of imperialism. Throughout the World, country’s are always competing with others for supremacy. They want to have power or strength over the others. They want this for multiple common reasons, like strong national pride and the best security for their citizens. It is needed for the country’s to be strong and able to defend themselves.

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“Supporting American Imperialism”

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Through imperialism, different countries with the same beliefs can come together to work together, support each other, defend each other, trade together, go to War together and more. Having good relationships with different countries is truly crucial and imperialism helps support it. When countries go to war, they need to know that they have other countries supporting them. The third point I am going to be sharing about is the religious benefits through imperialism. Throughout most all imperial expansions, missionaries are involved. Religious people called missionaries go to places, mainly newly discovered, and try to have people convert to their personal religions or beliefs. For example, today many Christians go to Africa to serve and speak about God.

Throughout history this happened very often. Back to how this affects imperialism, missionaries from different nations want to gain more people who believe the same things as them and their home country. It’s not all exclusive to religions though. Some nations share education as well. Moving on, my fourth point is plainly exploration. Humans are curious, it’s in our genetics. Some nations just want to explore unknown territory. Often this can be for medical or scientific research, to seek out natural resources, or it could simply be for an adventure. Imperial explorers were hungry to discover, map, and claim new territory.

All, before their competition, because it’s in our genes to be competitive as well. Some explorers did it strictly for personal glory, but it still benefited their countries. My fifth and final point on why I support imperialism is the huge geographic benefits. This one really ties in and connects with most of my other points. By having more land, you can do many more things. You can have more natural resources, easier trade routes, room for a larger population, and more. As you can see, I strongly support imperialism and believe it has benefits on America economically, religiously, geographically, exploratory, and politically.

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