U.S. Imperialism and Manifest Destiny Impact U.S. Workplaces

American imperialism is a policy that was made for control over mainly politics, the economy and culture. Manifest Destiny was used in order to take over North America they believed that everything they did was justified by religion which was Christianity.

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“U.S. Imperialism and Manifest Destiny Impact U.S. Workplaces”

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How Imperialism and Manifest Destiny Affect American Workplaces Today

Imperialism and Manifest Destiny affect American workplaces today because the large-scale companies use Manifest Destiny to get what they want as far as becoming larger. The past few years you can see in the fuel industry how they use Manifest Destiny when they go out and find pieces of land for their company in order to make room to increase. It’s the same thing as when the United States was looking for more unmarked land to take over without being bothered by outside people.

How American Imperialism has Changed Demographics in My Career Field

According to Study.com demographics is the Study of numbers and statistics about a population. From my personal experience I feel that American Imperialism has hurt and helped the demographics in my career field. Being able to work for a large fortune five hundred company that is spread aboard allowed for different diversities and countries to be able to come into the aircraft manufacturing business. The reason being American Imperialism allowed for the aircraft manufacturing business to boost the economy which opened more doors for the United States to make more money. American Imperialism has hurt the demographics in my career field according to Communist Party USA Workers in countries like the United States are harmed by the super-exploitation of workers in the poor countries is by greatly increasing the concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands “fewer and bigger monopolistic corporations richer and richer individuals. This increases the power, including the political power, of those corporations and individuals in our own country, with deleterious effects on all aspects of our society, including especially our electoral politics and labor relations. In recent years, U.S. elections have increasingly become matches between candidates who can line up the most corporate and billionaire campaign donors.

One Group Affected by United States Immigration and Expansion

During Manifest Destiny the Chinese and Hispanic was affected during that time around the 19th century. In the year 2018 the Hispanic culture is still affected by the United States Immigration and expansion. There all new immigration laws in affect and in the United States there are talks of placing barriers and walls to keep immigrants out from Mexico. As white Americans pushed west, they not only collided with Indian tribes but also with Hispanic Americans and Chinese immigrants. Hispanics in the Southwest had the opportunity to become American citizens at the end of the Mexican-American war, but their status was markedly second-class. Chinese immigrants arrived en masse during the California Gold Rush and numbered in the hundreds of thousands by the late 1800s, with the majority living in California, working menial jobs. These distinct cultural and ethnic groups strove to maintain their rights and way of life in the face of persistent racism and entitlement. But the large number of white settlers and government-sanctioned land acquisitions left them at a profound disadvantage. Ultimately, both groups withdrew into homogenous communities in which their language and culture could survive.


Over the years the United States and many surrounding countries have endured changes from American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny. It is on the citizens to vote for changes and be aware of what is going in their community, cultures and all around the world to keep from have more conflict and war from the choices made from American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny.


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