Essay on Hard Work and Success

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When we all think about our goals and success for our future all that we see are money signs. We all think we need to be rich or famous to be considered successful. Or that we need to be popular, or play sports to be seen as the epitome of success. When in reality, that is all false. Social media has portrayed such false acquisitions out worldwide to define success. We see all these famous celebrities driving the newest Tesla, or wearing the most expensive name brand clothes, and living in the big huge house we all dream of is the key to happiness, or better yet, success. This misrepresent, misleading advertised epitome of success is not what one’s real life portrays. True success to me is defined by how content and enjoyable and happy my life is.

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“Essay on Hard Work and Success”

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When goals are accomplished it means you have kept your determination to aim towards them, with right mentality to do your absolute best. One cannot reach their full potential unless you have set your mind to do your very best even through the hard times we encounter during life. You never really know how capable you or of doing something unless you push yourself. Personally, I always have to push myself to show that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to. And even when I don’t want to or think I can’t, just knowing I’m doing it for me gives me that extra push to keep me on path. For example, I had lost thirty four pounds in six months and when I first started my exercising and dieting I didn’t think it would happen. I wanted to give up right away. I was so out of shape the workouts were so hard for me but, I had to remember me giving up is letting no one else down but myself. And it would just become a vicious cycle. When at the end of the day this is my life no one else’s and I’m in control. I had to keep my eye on the prize and what seemed to work for me was buying a goal outfit that I was determined to get into. I would try it on everyday to show myself the progress. Sometimes when we do things it’s hard to see the achievements you have made until you actually step back and see where you were to where you are now. And by the end of the six months I was able to run a mile like it was nothing. This experience taught me to keep a positive mind and to find something to keep you motivated and determined whether it be a goal outfit, or maybe just something that makes you feel good. If you see it everyday it will remind you why you set this goal for yourself. Start your day and say I got this because you will be surprised how far positive words go and work. My accomplishments have showed me we are not just handed accomplishments, we have to get up and make the decision to work for it. No one can do it but you, and you have to want it. Knowing I worked for everything to me, means success.

Success is not to say that challenges and disappointments won’t happen. An eventful yet challenging life doing what I enjoy most and positively affecting others around seems to me to be just right. I know and have set my priorities because they are necessary to be a determined person. Knowing and ranking the importance in everything in my life keeps me on track. Prioritizing my life has helped me keep my goals in check and likewise makes them easier to accomplish. My first priority is to find a job I love so I never have to work another day in my life.I’m going to reach for the stars and not give up even when I feel like that is the only option. Next, I’m going to complete my bachelors degree in Social Work because I believe education really leads to success. If one has a good education, he or she has a better advantage of getting the career they have pursued and be successful at it. I want to be able to look back in a couple years and say “ I did it” because, to me that means success. I also want to show my daughter that if mommy can reach her goals then so can she. And that once your goals are met you celebrate by setting new goals because this shows anything is possible.         

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