Auditing Leadership and Management Skills Within Company Effectively Business Essay

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The aim of leadership and Management is way one works ahead to achievement of success in a strategic direction. Both the skills the personal and the professional skills works towards the achievement of strategic goals, with the audit and a plan that works towards development We have to use the skills audit effectively so that we are able to meet the current and future leadership requirements with the help of perfect techniques and the exact learning styles Task 1 Management skills in the organization: There are some certain management and leadership skills which are necessary for the growth of any business organization. Both personal and professional skills should remain healthy for the healthy organization like problem solving, decision making and planning etc. in today business environment a leader or a manager must be have some certain qualities which are helpful in order to perform his role. As behavioural theories assume that leader can be made rather than born. So there are the certain skills which differentiate a leader from the others. A successful organization is the one which look after their employees and does something for their carrier development because this is the way through an organization achieve its goals. Personal Skills:- Personal skills involves that each person has the ability to do certain things very well these are some common personal skills which are going to be discussed. How to manage stress This involves that how can one manage ones stress at work and off the work so that the stress does not puts an effect on the management and his own working style Problem solving decision making This involves that how can one solve the problems that arise in an organisation and how does he/she handles the situation. This skill involves the appropriate decision making in times when the organisation requires it and making it count and work effectively towards the success of the organisation Effective communication This is the most important basic and the simple skills that are required in us so that the functioning of the organisation goes son effectively and smoothly. The communication in the organisation depends on the way the organisation works. When there is a perfect and open communication between the upper, middle, and lower level of the organisation then the success is guaranteed. This is a skills that has to be taken care of by the complete management involving the each level in the hierarchy Handling conflicts One should have this skill in order to handle the conflicts at times of making a decision, implementing the decision. Some times there is a personal conflict of views between two employees of the organisation or even the various departments. This skill will help us to prevent the conflict taking place in the organisation so that the work is completed in time and effectively.

Also one has to understand that a healthy debate is necessary but not the conflict. So the line between the conflict and the debate has to be drawn carefully. Professional skills: - Professional skills involves the following, Multi tasking skill This skill involves the person to be a dynamic person. The person at one time has to be able to do various other works at a time given time together simultaneously. Team skills This involves the way one runs the team effectively and smoothly and attains the goals and objectives of the organisation during the time frame On the contrary every one is happy in the team and works on the same ideology for the organisation Communicational skills Communication is again counted as a professional skill as it is important in the personal life as well as the professional life of the individual. Communication in the organisation works out the success formula in the organisation as it helps each others to voice their concern and make themselves counted Learner skills The learner skill involves the way one adapts to the situation. One has to move ahead with the time. One has to learn to adapt to the changes that are taking place. So if one is able to learn then he can move with the organisation Coaching skill One has to be a good coach to make the team work on towards the success. As the way one coaches his/her team is the base reason for the success of the team and the organisation as a whole Decision making skill One has to make an effective decision so that so that each and every person in the team is working on the success formula and is happy with the decision. As one has to make such decision so that it works out in the best interest of the organisation Decision making is not an easy. Skill, it must be done amid the ever changing it is a way of unclear information, which is often conflicting point of views. Conclusion: Through this assignment its been seen that how personal skills are important to develop professional skills so both of these skills are interrelated to each other and a person uses both these skills to get the organization goal. Keeping in view of Accommodation Times Personal skills of the employees of the organisation Managing stress: - In accommodation times the stress is managed very efficiently like the way the organisation functions is the true example for it. The organisation has a very good and qualified plus experienced leadership and the higher management that manages the stress. This helps in maintaining the stress level to the appropriate level. Decision Making: - This ability of the organisation is up to a standard which is helping in running the office and the organisation successfully. In the last few decades in which the organisation is functioning is only with the help of effective decision making abilities of the Management. The leadership of the organisation is very spot on when it comes in the times of decision making. As this can be seen when the industry standards are been met and that also with ethics. Effective Communication: - There is a very good way and a good open communication that is happening in the organisation. This is helping the organisation to functioning in a very successful manner. As they also believe that the communication which is the basic requirement for the proper functioning of the organisation. So Accommodation Times lays a stress on a healthy communication. Professional skills of the organisation:- Multi Tasking: - Accommodation times have a staff which has the role of multi tasking, so this is enabling the maximum utilisation of the resources. That enables that the workforce is in use for the maximum amount of time. Like a proof reading is done by the editor or even the writer of a particular article. This increases the talent of the staff as well Team Skills: - The organisation has a team which has open communication and is functioning on a way that they encourage the team working environment. This brings about the team performing rather then the individual performances. This helps to raise the organisation as a team. Coaching Skills: - Accommodation times focuses on the effective learning and the coaching of the staff. The staff is being from time to time, so that anything or the subject which is new is not left out with half understanding.

The New ideas that are inducted are been inducted very effectively only because of the effective coaching skills of the management. Personal development Planning In conducting the skills review to assess my skills, I carried out a survey by giving evaluation forms to my colleagues. Through the skill audit its been realised that which are the skills I need to improve and through which skills I am able to achieve my goal. In the following table I have developed a plan for myself and analyse that what should I do to improve my skills and how can I achieve my targets. The assessment given by them is presented in the Appendices and the final rating based on their feedback and my personal assessment is presented below. Rating of Management and Leadership Skills No. Skill Very good Satisfactory Needs Improvement Poor 1 Communication 2 Meeting Skills 3 Appraisals 4 Presentation 5 Motivation 6 Time Management 7 Stress management 8 Decision Making 9 Self Confidence 10 Technical Ability 11 Risk Management The ways to improve Communication:- I need to work out more on the communication although it is good , then also if I stress a bit more on the communication then it will get on to become a big strength of my The meeting skills: - This skill of my needs an improvement as then only I will be able to work on the new projects and carries out the work efficiently. Appraisals: - Is the place which needs a regular improvement, asset is a segment that should always be worked hard every time. So I always count myself as a skill which should be constantly worked on. Presentation and motivation: - In this skill my presentation is a very good, as I have been working on the presentation from time to time. As this enables me to do my work ion an efficient manner. Whereas the motivation of my own self is really very high, as I believe in the self-motivated theory. The one who is self motivated then only one can be able to perform each and every time in the office. Time & stress Management: - Both these skills of my are on a satisfactory as this is which I can see and analayize on from my work and the way I handle my work and my stress. I have been up to the mark on the way the time and the stress associated with my day to day activities is carried, I have been quite satisfactory in handling it. Decision making:- My this skill is unto the mark as I have been checking this from time to time in the way of my working in the office environment. Looking ahead of the same view I have been successful but I still think that I need to maintain it as well as I need to keep it up to the mark, in order to maintain it as well, in terms of office performance as well Self confidence: - The self confidence of my own is a very good as i believe in being a self motivated to perform in the work. So in this way there has to be a lot of self confidence in us. So is the reason that I poses a lot of self confidence and still i have a view that I need to maintain as well I need to improve it as well. Technical ability: - The technical ability of my, is so good when it comes to see that how the various technicalities are happening. Even if it is the hardware stuff or the various technicalities that are involved in the work. This has given me an edge on the performance and the ability of the work done. Risk Management:-The risk management ability of my is a satisfactory as , I have been taking a risk in the work that I have been doing. Even when it comes to adapting various new things in the work that I have to introduce and implement I the work. That has helped me to perform each and every time.

3.2 Outcomes of Personal Development Plan against personal objective Through the skill audit it is been identified that which are things which I need to work on and improve and which are the strength that I am having. Secondly a plan is developed to overcome the efficiencies and to improve my skills. This is my personal objective to improve my capability in language skills but it cannot be achieved until it is not been planned to learn it. It needs to develop a plan that how this objective can be achieved and which are the resources I have, what are my strength and using my strength how I can overcome my efficiency. It can be put the time limits which indicates that within the specific period this goal must be achieved for example my target is to learn the communication skill before I leave this country. Personal objectives are so important in life because there is the purpose to spend the life. Without any purpose of life it becomes useless to live. Every one plans according to its ability to think and work on it but it really does matter how do you think and what you are going to do. Personal development plan is a suitable written form of the person thinking that what does a person want in life and how does he plan to achieve the target. It gives you the time to think and analyse the multiple solutions of the problem and work on them according to the plan like my objective in next three month is to learn presentation skills and it is analysed that which are the ways through it can be achieved and how to deal with the time wasting and more focus to get the objective.

3.3 Impact of own learning against the achievement of strategic goals: This is the more effective way to achieve the goal to write down the plan and then focus on your target. All we need to do to identify the objective and realize which is important for us and which is not. It helps us in learning by focus on the working document. Thing which it need to keep in mind is that the objective should be realistic and achievable and it should be clear that what are the strength of a person to achieve his goal and which are the area he need to work on . It does work in a great way as I set a goal for myself that till next three months I will improve my communication skills and I start work on this target by reading newspaper and books, communicating with my friends and colleagues. I have started to watch English movies on TV which did not do before. After a week it is realized that it does work as I feel much comfortable than before. Till the review date I feel most of the job will be done and there will be the difference. I personally learn that there are many things in life which we do not give the importance but a little thing can make the difference as I plan to achieve my goal I realize that it does not take too much time and efforts to achieve the targets. I will definitely implement it in my life by setting objectives in my life and there I will set the time limit to achieve it in time. Once I will get the objective of learning skills I will set more objectives. Conclusion: Both personal and professional skills are used to achieve the personal and organizational goal. An individual can develop his personal skill by applying techniques and doing practise and can utilized these personal skills to become a professional which will help him to promote him. Development plan is a written form to achieve the target and gives the idea that how a person could be able to achieve difficult targets in life.

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