Artificial Intelligence have the Potential to Take our Jobs

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For many years people have been asking, “Is there going to be a huge advance in today’s technology that can potentially affect our future”? The answer is yes. Over the past ten years, there has been many technological advances that no one in the public society knows about (Smith). These advances are not just your average system/software update, but something huge like self-driving cars and cash-taking bots. We as a society need to worry about these advancements of artificial intelligence because the artificial intelligence have the potential to take our jobs, we won’t have any control over the machines, genetic diversity will be wiped out, and the AI’s can potentially be dangerous.

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“Artificial Intelligence have the Potential to Take our Jobs”

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One of the many things that people are worried about with the advancement of artificial intelligence is the risk of losing their jobs. Two hundred years ago, over 70% of Americans lived and worked on farms. Today, fewer than 1% of Americans work on farms (Kelly). What caused this drastic change? Today, many farmers will run heavy machinery that will do the work for them just with the simple push of a few buttons. Instead of farmers hiring 100 workers to do the harvesting, the farmers will only hire 10 at the most, and that’s for a larger farm. That puts about 90 people out of work.

Not only are people worried about AI taking their jobs, but also, we will not have any control over these machines. Companies try and tell us differently, but in reality, humans will eventually lose control when the rise of AI strikes at full swing. These machines will be so advanced that they’ll be able to make their own decisions (Sakalle) without having any orders sent to them by humans. Let’s use self-driving cars as an example. These cars are controlled by AI. The AI makes the decision whether it should turn left or right at a four-way intersection with no help of a human operator.

Another thing that we will have to worry about with AI on the rise is that genetic diversity among humans will be wiped out. This is not a good thing whatsoever. We, as humans, are our own type of unique. With AI having the ability of coming in and taking jobs, this will take diversity out of major companies and businesses. The faces we are used to seeing will now be replaced by something we have never seen before.

Lastly, we should worry about the advancement of AI because they could potentially be dangerous. Research has shown that these bots won’t be able to show emotions such as love or hate, but there are worries that they could be dangerous if put into the wrong hands. For example, artificial intelligence systems that are programmed to kill could land in the possession of the wrong person and can cause horrific things(Tegmark). This could lead to an AI war due to humans not being able to take control and stop the machines.

There are many more reasons on why we, as the human race have to worry about the advancements of AI. We should, and continue to worry about the advancements of AI because they have the potential to take our jobs, we will have no control over these machines, genetic diversity will be wiped out, and the AI’s can potentially be dangerous. 

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