Artificial Intelligence Will Take over the World

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Artificial Intelligence was once Science Fiction

Hollywood fantasizes that artificial intelligence will take over the world with evil robots or robots that are humanlike. Yet, today AI has a different configuration, like google home and Alexa. The modern comforts of turning on your household lights before you arrive home, vacuuming your floors while you relax on the couch and securing your alarm from your bed are just a few things AI can do. Manufacturing utilizes AI from building cars to safely maneuvering hazardous materials. AI has the potential to evolve any business. The AI systems mainly focus on an “engineering” approach, versus what we see in the movies. Some of the major problems of today’s AI are; inability to use critical thinking, job security, and the breach of home security.

The dream of the developers of AI was to create an intelligent machine that could mimic human like intelligence. To be able to think critically and create a solution to any problem. The current AI is more of an input system and has yet to reach its potential. In addition, another kink of AI is the risk to manufacturing jobs. Automated systems have been around for a while but the worker who relies on a manufacturing job, may not find one. Ten workers can be replaced by one worker who monitors the AI systems. Looking specifically how most of today’s society utilizes AI, some stories have surfaced about the breach of security. AI is in its infancy stage and certainly has a bright future with a wide range of applications.

The problems presented were quite small, but as the applications of AI expand there may be more problems. When Suri, Alexa or Google are asked some questions it may become viral on You Tube as AI answers in an absurd way. For instance, recently a young girl was asking google home to play “Baby Shark” and google home kept replying for the toddler to repeat her request because she was incoherent. This made the toddler very frustrated because she didn’t understand why Google home could not fulfill her request. This problem may be resolved as AI evolves and is able to discern a variety of dialects or speech patterns. As for AI in the workplace, and the problem of eradicating jobs for the vocational work force the innovators need to slow the switch of automated systems to the pace of our workforce. However, if a job creates risk to workers like managing toxic or lethal chemicals automated systems should be considered first before manual labor. Cybersecurity is a concern as we open our homes to home monitoring systems. Protective firewalls should be created to add security to these AI devices. Not to mention the accessibility Amazon and others have as they supposedly listen in.

In conclusion, technology is in more homes than previous years. We have smart phones, smart appliances, and AI home devices. We cannot turn back the clock, but we need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of AI. The disadvantages are the risk to our economic stability as jobs are shifted as AI is used in the workplace, the risk we place as more homes utilize the AI devices in their home and the limited ways AI can think critically. However, the advantages are more than just the pipe dreams that they were a few years ago. In fact, there may be more applications that have not even been dreamed of. Who knows AI may even take over the world just like in the Hollywood movies.

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