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The Ability of People to Live on other Planets

Mars has not seen any life today but there has been many discoveries that has led to predictions that one day humans will be able to live on other planets other than Earth. Research done has proved that there could be evidence that sustains a possible environment on Mars and early life. Antarctica is the […]

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Book Review: the Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy Weir is about Mark Watney, an astronaut on an exploratory mission to mars. The mission has to be aborted because of a massive dust storm. During the storm Mark is hit by a piece of satellite and thrown into the storm. Ultimately, his crew leaves him on mars thinking he is […]

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There could be Life on Mars

This research paper is written to explore about NASA in depth. This paper have some important description of Mars. The paper focusing on future Manned mission which will held in future toward Mars. This paper also trying to explain about some obstacles that may faced during mission toward mars, like challenges to astranout while building […]

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Mariner Program

From the time span between 1962 to 1973, the space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in association with JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) conducted a 10-mission program referred to as the Mariner Program. Through a series of robotic interplanetary probes, the program was designed to investigate the planets, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Excitingly, the […]

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Spirit and Opportunity Mission

Abstract In July of 2003, the Spirit and Opportunity Rovers were launched towards Mars. The purpose of Spirit and Opportunity being sent to Mars was to allow field study to be conducted, and to also make different observations of the atmosphere. The mission was planned to only last a few months, however, to this day […]

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Interesting Facts about the Terrestrial Planets

A Scientific Theory is the successful end result of the Scientific Method. In the Scientific Method, you go through the steps of observing, hypothesizing, and experimenting a concept or event to see if it’s valid and can be explained. If the event does end up proving to be legit, then a Scientific Theory is created […]

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Mars Exploration

NASA and other countries’ space programs have been trying for decades to successfully land a rover on Mars that can support the theory that Mars can support life. Most countries have failed numerous times to land a rover on Mars, but the United States has been successful 8 times, but the Soviet Union, or Russia, […]

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Surface of the Planets

Astronomy is the study of space. The prefix ‘ast’ means star. The word astronomy literally means ‘the study of the stars’. However, eventually it morphed into the study of almost everything in space. Some of the more complex topics I will be covering are: quasars, pulsars, neutron stars, magnetars, black holes, unnovas, supernovas, matter, antimatter, […]

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Planetary Satellites

In order to compare the atmospheres of the terrestrial planets, first we have to understand what terrestrial planets are. They are characterized by having a mostly solid surface, unlike gaseous ones, whose surface is mostly liquid or gas. Earth is the only rocky planet that has an active hydrosphere, that is, water above and below […]

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Venus: the Hot, Hellish & Volcanic Planet

One of the most underrated, misunderstood, and uncared for planets in the solar system is Venus. Venus is a scorching hot terrestrial planet that is the second closest planet to the sun, located between Mercury and Earth. This planet is more fascinating than it seems it was even named after a goddess of beauty and […]

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How Old is Earth?

There are multiple methods we use to determine the age of our planet, but we didn’t always know these methods. Methods such as studying layers of sediment to find how rocks or mountains are, but we didn’t really explore this method until 1969. This being the year Nicolas Steno published ?his work on examining the […]

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The Earth’s Structure

The earth is composed of four different layers but if you were to look at it from space you wouldn’t be able to tell. You can only see what is shown on the outside. Have you ever wondered what’s underneath the surface we see and what goes on beneath the surface? It’s mostly blue because […]

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Mars Exploration Rovers Mission

They’ve discovered water on Mars. They’ve taken cool selfies of Mars. They’ve lasted more days, years actually, than what NASA expected. The Mars rovers have helped with many astronomers with the exploration of this planet. For example, the Curiosity rover has been doing its mission for almost 7 years and has found evidence of life […]

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Volcano Facts

Some people have many question about volcanoes. Some of these questions are “How are volcanoes formed”, “Where do volcanoes form”, and “how are volcanoes categorized or grouped”. The next few paragraphs will answer these three questions. The first question was “how are volcanoes formed?” Well volcanoes are formed by little cracks or holes in the […]

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Lunar has been Studying the Earth for Years

In the year of 1928 Lunar, Kylah, and myself decided we were gonna travel to the center of the earth. We have been wondering and thinking about going there for the longest but, now we are officially going to the center of the earth. We will be getting there by traveling in a submarine. We […]

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What are the Layers of the Earth?

The earth has lots of water because about 71 percent of the earth’s surface, is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all earth’s water. Water also exist in water vapor, in rivers and lakes,ice caps glaciers,in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers,even if you were a dog water is never […]

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School Trip to the Center of the Earth

“Are we all ready?” Coach Crandall asked all of us softball girls on the bus”. Today we will be traveling to the center of the earth to participate in a school-smart activity instead of softball. “But coach Faucette you said we were going to a tournament!” Mattison said, but he had already fallen asleep. Don’t […]

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NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

NASA has sent may rovers to Mars that have proven there was once water and still could be some on its surface. Mars has proven itself to be a very mysterious planet. Rovers that have been sent to Mars have found multiple examples that life could have existed on the planet. Satellites orbiting Mars have […]

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How we Build a Drill Machine

One day I watched my friends play in the sandbox trying to dig as deep as they could. And I thought maybe I could dig to the center of the earth. I knew it would be very hot but I could prove a debated theory for decades. I knew I needed help so I got […]

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Tectonics, Climate, and Mountain Topography

There is ongoing debate as to what specific roles climate and tectonics play in the topographic growth of mountains. It was established that mountain elevation is primarily influenced by crustal strength, rock uplift and surface denudation (Whipple 1999,2010). However, feedback mechanisms such as a link to climate have proved more difficult to prove and are […]

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Volcanic Processes

Volcanism is another of these processes. Volcanoes are among the most spectacular, and dangerous, features on Earth. They typically form around mid-oceanic ridges, or subducting plates. Over the course of several thousand years, some volcanoes can build themselves up to quite impressive sizes. The rate at which volcanoes grow depends on which type it is. […]

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Solar System Planets

“If we knew exactly what to expect throughout the Solar System, we would have no reason to explore it” Anderson, P., (n.d.). There are eight planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The first four planets are known as terrestrial planets. The terrestrial planets are the inner planets closest […]

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Evolution of Earth

All over modern-day Earth there is evidence, some which has been discovered, and others that have yet to be discovered that prove the most incontrovertible theory of evolution is indeed a fact. The Earth has been evolving ever since its creation in the Hadean time period. During the Hadean time period, Earth was merely large […]

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Ever-Changing Earth

It may appear like Earth’s shape is never changing. In reality, it is constantly changing. Some changes are so slow we never see their impacts in our lifetime. Other changes occur instantly. There are two factors that can change Earth’s shape. These are tectonic activity and erosion (Bendick, 1965). Volcanoes and earthquakes, caused by tectonic […]

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The Rise and Fall of the Himalayas

The Himalayas are a mountain range in Asia that spans over five countries. The Indian term, him-alaja, is where the name Himalaya comes from. When translated into English, this Sanskrit word means ‘abode of the snows’ and is where the mountain ranges nicknames, ‘abode of the gods’ and the ‘Lama’s snow monastery’ derive from. According […]

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Drilling into the Earth

Scientists have been fascinated with the idea of drilling to the center of the Earth for years now. The problem is there are several different obstacles one would have to overcome to even get close to the center. When you consider the fact that drilling into the Earth is much like drilling into a pressurized […]

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What Will the Earth be Like in 5,000,000 Years?

To be able to predict how the Earth will be like in 5,000,000 years from now, first we need to say how it came to be today. Well, Earth went through so many changes throughout its billions of years of its existence. Started as a big ball on fire, many periods of ice ages, and […]

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The Definition of a Volcano

According to study.com-academy, the definition of a volcano is a rupture in the earth’s crust that allows hot lava,volcanic ash and gases to escape from a magma chamber located beneath the surface. How do I know what an volcano is? This is very simple. It’s a mountain or hill through which lava, hot vapor and […]

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Mars Odyssey

Travelling at a maximum speed of 13,210 miles per hour, the Mars Odyssey, a mission that is still ongoing to today’s date, is a special spacecraft part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. It is a very unique spacecraft with a great purpose and many amazing contributions. The Mars Odyssey was launched on April 7, 2011. […]

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Solar System

In this paper, I will describe the principal characteristics of our solar system’s terrestrial planets. I will discuss briefly the mechanics of the formation of these planets and their relationship with each other. In so, I will be focusing on how the Earth is unique. M. Williams describes the terrestrial planets like this “All terrestrial […]

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