Artificial Intelligence in the Farming Industry

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>Artificial intelligence is becoming a big part of the farming industry. There are some really good reason for some of this high technology coming into this industry. I think that the farming industry has come a long ways from where it was when my grandparents or even parents was farming. I think there is also more to come in the future of farming. There is only the future ahead of us to see what is going to happen or what may happen.

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“Artificial Intelligence in the Farming Industry”

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Smart farming is a major key to the farming industry. If you want to make money in the farming industry you have to know the key to smart farming. If you don’t know the keys to smart farming you may not make your money back. This is to use up to date equipment and to use modern day technology. This is to increase the quality and the quantity of your product. Global Agriculture is a $3 trillion dollar industry that employees people. Smart farming is knowing how much money you have to spend on certain equipment and having enough to get what you need. For example you can’t go buy a 100,000 dollar tractor only having 150,000 in the bank and you still haven’t bought a planter and combine and a grain buggy to haul your harvest. You have to plan and have a budget to plan what you buy and shop around and get the best deal you can. I also think that every farmer needs to watch a Dave Ramsey clip of budgeting.

Today many farmers use GPS. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The farmers these days use this to keep up where there fields are. They also use this to keep up where they need to turn around at the end of their field. This system also lines up the tiller or the planter so there is less stress on the tractor driver. GPS are extremely versatile and can be found in most any industry in sector. This can also be used to map forest help farmers harvest there fields and navigate airplanes. GPS uses satellites that orbit the earth to send info to GPS receivers. GIS helps interpret the GPS and collects data.

Other ways artificial intelligence has improved is by detecting disease. This is a very big help in farming, this saves the farmers from lawsuits and not having a good harvest. To prevent many of these diseases farmers use herbicides. They have also improved the herbicides they use and what these herbicides can kill and what the reactant is. Other than the use of herbicides they have reduced the use of these chemicals to save the farmers money. One other way that AI has helped the farming industry is predicting the weather forecast. This is a very big help to farmers. The weather determines everything a farmer does. From planting, plowing, spraying chemicals, fertilizing the crops, cutting hay down or anything that has to do with farming. From my experience the weather determines what I do from day to day. There isn’t a day that goes by in my farm or ranch life that doesn’t depend on the weather. You can’t go cut hay one day and not know that it’s going to flood the next day and ruin the whole crop.

So in conclusion I hope that all of this has helped you in some way. I hope you take this information helps you with your farming or ranching. In this report I have told you about how AI has improved the farming industry and how GPS is a major help in planting and plowing. This has helped a lot of people save money and make more money. This also helps farmers get the most from of their crops so they make more money.

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