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Medieval Time Travel

My research topic is about, how did the disease and medical health in the 19th century evolve from then until now? The way I’m going to support this topic is by, finding the percentage of deaths from diseases in the 19th century and comparing them until now. I also want to figure out some of […]

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Time Travel Story

Rose was skipping down the street one day. It was a winter day, and there was about one inch of snow on the ground. Rose was wearing her warmest coat. Her fuzzy boots went up to her knees, and she was wearing her thickest pair of jeans. Rose had flowing, dark brown hair and bright […]

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Tips for First Time RV and Tiny House Owners who are Planning to Travel to Utah

Whether you are traveling by RV or you have a tiny house that you are planning on living in, there are things you should know when traveling from state to state. A tiny house can be more luxurious than an RV, but just as compact in order to be easily transported. Here are 5 tips […]

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The Paradoxes of Time Travel

In ‘The Paradoxes of Time Travel” David Lewis defends the possibility of time travel. Lewis addresses three different paradoxes with time travel and provides solutions for each. First, he discusses the discrepancy between time and time. Second, he proposes the possibility of closed causal loops. Finally, he defines the term ?could’ and explains two different […]

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“The Time Machine”by H.G. Wells

The Time Traveler In the book “The Time Machine”by H.G. Wells, Wells is saying that curiosity is controlling. In the book a group of scientists are talking about dimensions, and mainly the fourth dimension, time. As they continue to talk, the time traveller shows them a time machine model, and represents how it travels into […]

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Time Travel Troubles

Time travel has been a topic of many works of art. From Harry Potter to Hot Tub Time Machine, time travel is seen very often. Many of us always wonder what it would be like to revisit the past or go to the future. However, is this really something we want? The consequences could be […]

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Worm Hole and Time Travel

Wormholes were first predicted to exist in 1916. A physicist by the name of Ludwig Flamm was going over Karl Schwarzschild report which presented a solution for Einstein’s field equations. Schwarzschild solutions resulted in a black hole. It was ultimately named after Schwarzschild, the ‘Schwarzschild black hole.” Ludwig came up with the ‘white hole.” It’s […]

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Pros of not having a Time Machine

One of the most popular topics in the history of science-fiction has been the idea of time travel. In literature and cinema, this topic has been exploited uncountable times. We know and love such works as H.G. Wells’ ‘Time Machine”; H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Shadow Out of Time”; Bradbury’s ‘A Sound of Thunder”; King’s ‘The Langoliers”; […]

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