Artificial Intelligence Concept for Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka

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Artificial intelligence is a part of computing science that aim to creating intelligent machines and programs. Try to mimic human consciousness and perform tasks such as human beings is the purpose of artificial intelligence. In practice it means the ability of a machine or program to think and learn. Generally, the term artificial intelligence means a machine or program that tries to emulate human consciousness. AI has become a significant part of the technology industry John Mac Carthy invented the word Artificial Intelligence when he held the first academic conference on the subject in the campus of Dartmouth College in 1956. There are several artificial intelligence techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Fuzzy Logic (FL) and Genetic Algorithm have recently been employed with various architectures and properties

Face recognition, Automatic driving , industrial robots, Character recognition and automated sport journalism are all real-world enigmas being solved with applications of intelligence (AI.) Today AI applications focus on very narrow tasks, but together these AI-driven tasks are reshaping businesses, industries and markets as the technology becomes more sophisticated, the use of AI will continue to grow.

Tourism is a growing industry in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has attracted investors and tourists to the island. And also the country's important placement also enables it to attract transit visitors into the island. Since that years, many beautiful resorts, hotels and spas have opened. Incorporating the diverse culture of the country, the various Tourist Establishments here offer visitors a unique, yet memorable experience to remember with.The boom of Hospitality industry has led to the development of tourism industry. Tourist accommodations in Sri Lanka consist of graded hotels, supplementary establishments, guest houses and limited scale camping sites. More informal accommodation is available on a paying guest system in private houses and hill-country tea estate bungalows.Hotel industry is a main part of tourism. When a hotel has more facilities with low cost it can attract customers. So our idea is to give rewards for regular customers who visit the hotel. For that we need to recognize whether he has visited the hotel before or not.

As a strategy of attracting tourists to the hotel, our idea is to give rewards for regular customers who visit the hotel. For that we have to recognize them. But we do not have a method for that. That is the problem we targeted to solve.Problems of the existing system are can use fake IDs and names, search to find details of the customer in order to get the rewards. Therefore we will develop a face recognition system using ANN to overcome this problems. In our system recognize customer, increase the efficiency, reliability and accuracy with the new technology.

Aartificial neural networks (ANN) were used largely for building intelligent computer systems. It is related to pattern recognition and image processing. The most popular ANN model is the backpropagation neural network (BPNN) .It can be trained using backpropagation training algorithm (BP). There are many literatures related to face recognition system which based on different approaches such as: Geometrical features; Eigenfaces; Template matching; Graph matching; and ANN approaches . The obtained recognition rates from these studies are different and based on: used approach; used database; and number of classes.

When we move on to our AI research we have applied Artificial intelligence concept for Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka.

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