Artificial Intelligence Skills Solve the Huge Tasks

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is often called as machine intelligence. Which is driving the world today, some of the main areas where AI is using in today’s world is in Google’s driverless cars as a guide, responding to the human words, collecting and tracking the responses to the google queries that you ran on google search engine. Elon musk who founded Tesla said As the use of AI becomes more there will be fewer and fewer jobs that robot’s can’t do. A human brain should be kept boosted to stay competitive with the AI. The technical innovations that usually happens in the AI will be focused on resolving a particular issue like how good your driving skills are. Researchers are sharpening the AI skills to solve the huge tasks in an easier way. The most interesting thing is that, David Hanson founder and CEO of Hansen Robotics said computer algorithms are getting smarter,

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“Artificial Intelligence Skills Solve the Huge Tasks”

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But the question is Why there is no general AI yet? There is nothing like that upto now. Jonathan Matus, Founder and CEO of Zendrive is used to analyze driving data collected from the smartphone sensors. Usually, general intelligence will be done by humans, said by Oren. There isn’t a machine that function similar to a kid, and so, humans are far from general intelligence. Scientists invented the AI which responds to the series of questions with projects like IBM’s Watson, that defeated two jeopardy champions 8 years back. And in today’s world there are similar kind of Watsons like identifying medical issues, super-smart AI which is used to make trailers for releasing movies.

But the ethical issues involved in AI are one is Unemployment, lets take an example of trucking in USA that employs millions of people, what will happen if the tesla promotes self-driving trucks and on the other side it looks like an ethical choice by taking the risk of accidents to low. Other is the inequality, most of the companies in the developed countries rely on the hourly wages paid to their employees. If those companies starts using AI, it leads to drastic cut-down on human work and AI driven companies will start making wealth.

Other is humanity, AI bots a becoming more popular these days, a bot named Eugen Goostman won turning challenge, where it fooled nearly half of the human raters by making them to think that they were talking to human being.

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