Pros and Cons of Cell Phones Becoming a Major Part of our Lives

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The growth of cell phone use among adults, teens, and children has grown so much so, that it has become american culture. Phones have become part of our everyday lives. Mobile phone ownership has increased tremendously. In a recent study, 95% of americans have some kind phone. And that 75% of americans have a smartphone,up from just 35% in a survey in 2011.The popularity of these devices have affected modern life in manys ways. Good and bad.

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“Pros and Cons of Cell Phones Becoming a Major Part of our Lives”

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Through the use of cell phones, we can do so much. From talking with someone miles away, or entertaining yourself by watching videos. But the reason that most people have cell phones is that we can keep in touch with anybody we want. Whether its your neighbor, or your great aunt who live across the country. We can communicate with anybody. There is so much more we can do with it, for example, using GPS, entertainment, music, sending pictures, etc.

There is no doubt that these gadgets are very useful, and they do help our everyday lives. But like in most things, there are pros and cons to it. Some cons of using cell phones are that it can give you lack of sleep, put you in dangerous situations, give you health risk, a distraction from the world, and more. With about 6.8 billion people with phones, this impacts our society a lot. Making our society rely on our phones 24/7. There was clever experiment that MIT did with teen and adults. Professors made giving up smartphone for a day a requirement of the students in their courses. Most of the students, who could plan what day they’d give up their phones, felt some degree of anxiety. They didn’t know what to do with the extra time, from eating breakfast to riding on public transportation. One average american checks their phone about 80 time a day. Some even 300 times.

We hear a lot about screen time and how bad it is for us. But, at the end of the day, everybody needs them for their own use. What was on a desktop computer, is now in our pockets. But things still dont change, phones are still bad. What we can do, is limit our use of using our phones. There are many different approaches to reducing our use. Some people actually take a method called digital detox. Which are just a number of days of tech-free world. A device holiday if you may call it. Others download apps to limit their use. These apps limit your use by blocking access to distracting applications like games or social media. But still leave the necessary apps, and still give time to the other apps so you do have something to enjoy after a long day. But like most people, we don’t want to limit ourselves that much we are bored all day. Some tips on limit ourselves are; instead of using a phone as a alarm, use an alarm clock and charge your phone somewhere else before you go to sleep. This will less tempt you to check your phone at night or in the morning. Next is not check your phone at the table. This will make you more social and not look at your phone while talking to someone. And finally is that make plans in advance. Create a schedule about what your going to do and watch so you can better plan when you should study, and do your other important task.

Mobile phones are a vital piece of most children and adults lives. There are certainly many flaws and cons about having one but on the other hand, there are so many benefits of having one. In conclusion there are pros in cons to having a mobile phone. Whether you use these facts to make your decision on getting one or buying a new one, is entirely up to the buyer. However you feel about these devices, they are always going to be here, and play a very prominent role in our daily lives.

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