Harmful Cell Phones

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In 2016, about 196 million people used social media. Out of every 100 people, 96 of them possess a cell phones. Social media can come handy in certain situations, but sometimes they are overused. You see the use of cell phones everywhere you go, at school, workplaces, stores, gas stations, the list can go on. They are very addicting devices but they aren’t always safe. Sometimes we spend so much time on social media that we forget to connect with our loved ones. People need to cut back on the use of social media because it is addicting, causes depression, and it harms relationships.

Social media should be limited to decrease loneliness. It is so addicting it makes it easy to start to forget about friends and family and the outside world. Spending so much time on social media causes isolation from real world problems and situations. While being attached to social media, it starts to become over obsessive of what other people are doing or how many likes he/she may have got . It becomes a worry game of who is more popular or who likes the same things and it starts to become frustrating to your actual life. Being addicted to social media can cause it to be a number one priority. Get up in the morning and the first thing that pops up is if this person texted you back or liked your instagram selfie. Your life becomes sheltered around social media.The difference between this generation and the generation before the boom of phones is the time spent connecting with their peers in person or electronically (child mind) Phones have become so addicting because they have a lot of stuff on them that make it easier to replace it with actually being around people. For example, apps for facetiming, snapchatting, or any other communicating social media. I believe that social media has become such a trend with phones it tends to make phones addicting and bad. Staying inside just to be on your phone and watch your friends go out and have fun lead to depression and loneliness. Social media helps boost the percentage of procrastination. Students will rather be scrolling on instagram then doing math homework. Social media needs to be limited or our next generation will be filled with robotic children.

People must limit the time they spend on their social media and interact with things happening outside. When people are on their phones using social media,they block out the world. It decreases the actual time spent conversing and face-to-face interactions. They decrease the amount of time of having an actual conversation. With that being said,a majority of people and this society are overly attached to their phones and it causes them to feel left out because they would rather live in the moment with their social media. Seeing how much your friend is happy causes you to dwell on the reasons you may not be happy. In 2017, studies show eighth through 12th graders has a high percentage of depression (child mind). Over 92 percent of teenagers own a smartphone which has access to social media sites.

One reason we should limit the time we spend on our social media is because it is damaging in trying to have a healthy relationships. In this generation,we let social media tell us what type of relationship we should have. By being on our phones and paying attention to other peoples relationship online causes us to compare what may seem like their happiness to ours. . I believe not every relationship needs to be advertised on the internet. Most couples spend so much time using their cell phones instead of communicating they forget how great their significant other is. If your partner spends all of their time on their phone instead of appreciating you, you start to feel unappreciated and it makes you feel like the only one who cares about the relationship. Most people in a relationship have became so addicted to their phones, they don’t have a normal dinner and enjoy each others presence. Social media has took a huge toll on dating, it is prefered to date online instead of meeting the person in person. The person may be right there by you physically but mentally it feels like their not there. In order for the relationship to be official , it has to be posted on facebook or instagram. How sad is that. Couples post how much they love each other on facebook but won’t be speaking to each other in person. It’s gotten so much of a front that it’s “normal” to pretend everything is fine when it isn’t. 80 percent of people say it’s easier to deceive others through social media and also 50 percent say social media has had a negative effect on their relationships (thriveglobal). So cell phones need to be limited in relationships so one person doesn’t feel lonely even with their partner there.

Social media can be healthy if it’s limited to a certain amount of time. Some people use social media to connect with long lost friends and family members. Older people are much more better at managing the time they spend on social media. It also helps older people feel up to date. Spreading positive messages on social media can help someone struggling with problems they feel they may never get trough. It’s amazing how many different ways there is to communicate on social media. Not all things on social media are bad , some things benefit people in many ways. With the social media we have now, it helps with finding research for stuff we need to know for school. It also prepares students for the real world. Social media is so advanced , it can help get through tough times and help with the void of loneliness with communicating and facetiming on social media. It also helps with finding groups of stuff you like or need help with. For instance, support groups online for people who are going through rough times or prayer chains for people having a hard time and don’t know what to do. There are many things on social media that are positive if you use it for the right reasons and know when you’ve been on it to much. There is a limit for everything.

Technology has become such a necessity in many people's lives , they forget the importance of their surroundings. If we limit the time spent on our phones using social media or texting , life would become easier. The less time spent worrying about who is doing what and with who the more time we can focus on bettering our lives. If social media addictions don’t decrease in the following years, we will be living in a generation of depressed and lonely people. No one wanting to communicate the right way and holding everything together for social media will lead to fake smiles and a bad heart. Social media need to be limited soon so we can actually connect with one another. Communication is a major key to having and living a healthy life, with social media being used 24/7 is limiting the time we spend enjoying each others company before it’s to late.  

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