Cell Phone and Radiation Issues

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In the society we are living in today, there has been numerous development of technology to help us in our everyday lives. The most recognizable form of technology  is called cell phones, one of the many technological advances most used today. We have become dependent on mobile phones and  a high percentage of the population including elderly people, young adults and even kids that are under 18 has one of these devices. Smartphones are a constant in everyday society, it’s so addicting that it becomes nearly impossible for us to even put it down for more than a second. The number of active mobile devices crossed over somewhere around the 7.22 billion mark. That being said,  67 percent of the population is dependent on cell phones. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages related to cell phones. On one hand, cell phones let users communicate for emergencies, businesses, and let’s us keep personal information in one place.

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“Cell Phone and Radiation Issues”

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On the other hand, the usage of cell phones has become addictive to people  around the world and the abuse of hours on them can cause health hazards. Cell phones give off a form of energy known as radiofrequency (RF) waves. Radiation can releases out an energy from any source. An example of radiation is the light that comes from the sun and the heat that is constantly coming off our bodies. Cell phones have to emit a small amount of radiation just to function. They emit signals through radio waves that are made up of radio-frequency (RF) energy, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Large doses of radio waves can impact our health and body. The problem with today’s society is that people are unaware of  the harm cell phones actually have on us. All cell phones have some sort of information that says Don’t keep the phone in your pocket. But this central information is in a hidden section where most people would never notice or bother looking at. Phone companies should alert and notify their users about the risk of radiation before purchasing the phone. Furthermore, there are tremendous amount of sponsored research that are hired to study to find no effect on cell phone having any serious health hazard. 1.The radiation of the phone can cause breast cancer, and the risk of harming kids and adults brain. 2. Cell phones towers also has a great amount of exposure on our health.

   Cell phone exposure to kids and teens can lead to a significant relationship to childhood emotional problems. The use of cell phones can affect teenage behavior in many ways, it can change the person’s attitude and their way of life. Teens are using their cell phones way too much and putting their mental health at risk. National surveys  are showing that kids today are more anxious than ever before, with spiking rates of depression and suicide(Ungar). This just shows one of the few impacts cell phones can have on teens. Using too much cell phone can also cause teengers and even full grown adults to be isolated from reality and even cause anxiety. Cell phone is a future that every household has, we depend on it for every small things we do.  In America alone, there are estimated of 400 million user who uses their cell phone over two hours per day. Little does the mobile users know the danger of radiation or cell phones in general.

Every phone has a section that talks about the risk of RF radiation. For example, on Iphone you can find this information by going to setting, clicking About, General, and you will finally see the warning about RF exposure. Phone companies should alert their users at least once a year warning them about the risk of the exposure and how you can prevent it. Australia send its customers texts regularly to inform them about the risk of RF. This constantly lets the users know the danger of using cell phones. Cell phone companies and tobacco companies have one thing in common. Tobacco companies internally acknowledged that secondhand smoke is hazardous to nonsmokers, yet still gave false and misleading public statements denying the fact. They will deny this fact to keep the tobacco business running smoothly. This is the same method cell phone companies uses to hide the most significant informations from the consumers. Furthermore, Microwave Ovens have the same frequency as cell phones the only difference is the power. Microwaves, cell phones, wifi monitors, and even baby monitors have the same frequencies the only difference is the power(Davis).

The power of the frequency is what heats up the phone and can cause harm to our bodies in a way that causes brain tumors or other tumors in the head and neck area. The most common way this can happen is by putting the phone right near your head for a long amount of time. Dr. Devra Davis, President of Environmental Health Trust (2015), implies that, when the phone rings, it’s the worst time to put the phone next to your head when you answer it and say hello because that’s when the phone is on maximum power. National cancer institute also claims that study found that when people had an active cell phone held up to their ear for 50 minutes, brain tissues on the same side of the head as the phone used more glucose than did tissues on the other side of the brain. Glucose is a sugar that serves the brain’s fuel. .Keeping cell phones directly near your body can cause breast cancer. The two-way microwave radiation makes the soft fatty tissues of the breast absorb the radiation. This occurs when females store their cell phones in their bra. Cell phone microwave radiation seeds directly into soft fatty tissue of the breast(Davis). There are many more biological damages that is caused by radiation to human body. Another example is that cell phone radiation can cause problems with salivary gland tumor, dizziness, migraines, and poor sleep(Diana). 

There is numerous studies that has been done that shows cell phone radiation is actually harmful for our body. In 2015 a French study was done that showed the brain EEG pattern was being altered by cell phone radiation. A  2013 Italian study shows that mobile phone demonstrated significant changes in brain activity when it was persuade by 45 minutes exposure to GSM mobile  phone. A 2011 Australian study showed an effect of acute 2G and 3G exposure on human cognitive functions(wang). Additionally, most people most people believe that the exposure of a child and an exposure of an adult is identical. However that’s a false assumption due to the development of a full grown adult brains and a child’s brain. Because of the children head being smaller the radiation will always absorb more than a full grown adult.

According to a study that was done in 2010, it claims that cell phones harms a child’s brain quicker than an adult. In general and on average, children suffer a higher exposure of their brain regions than adults(Hannah). This is because children have symmetrical smaller heads and brains, yet they receive the same amount of radiation as adults. When cell phones are being  used by children, the average RF energy level is two times higher in the brain compared with mobile phones used by adults. Another study shows that people who starts using cell phone before the age of twinity has a higher risk of developing brain tumors. Kids or teens absorb the radiation in a higher pace because their brain tissues are more absorbent and their skulls are thinner which caused the radiation to danger the kids health in a faster rate than adults. A researcher from India found that cell phone users who were on the phone for more than sixty minutes a day over four years experienced damage to the DNA and in forty percent of their cells. This clearly shows that parents should prevent their kids from using cell phone on the daily bases for hours. In this generation cell phone radiation is not the only eye opener. Cell phones towers have many negative effects on our health. We are exposed to 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than our previous generation and part of this reason is because radiation from cell phone towers.

Cell phone towers emit high frequency microwaves or radio wave , that can travel as far as 45 miles. The closer you are to the tower, the greater the danger you have on your health. The microwaves that the cell phones tower releases can interfere with your body. Some of the health problems includes, cancer, birth defects, Headaches, memory loss, and low sperm count. Many countries already took a stand to ban cell powers towers to be located near big cities. For example, in 2013 Indians Supreme Court upheld Rajasthan State Court decision to remove all cell towers from the vicinity of schools, hospitals and playgrounds because of radiation hazardous to life(Davis).

This decreases the chances of getting exposed to the radiation. Cell phone towers are used get users to get connected Wifi, wireless LANS, bluetooth supported devices and many more. Sometimes you might notice a cell phone tower installed on the top of  a building, people might think installing a cell phone tower on the top of the building will decrease the chances of getting exposed. However, the only bright side of having a tower on a high surface is having a better signal. Mobile towers are particularly dangerous because they emit microwaves at a frequency of 1900mhz. What is MHz? MHz is used to measure the transmission speed of electronic devices like television channels.There was a study done that shows the intense radioactivity from mobile phone towers unfavorably impacts every biological organism in our body within one square kilometer.

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