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Essay Introduction

As Carrie Underwood (2018) said, “My cell phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world”. This is one of the greatest well-known quotes in world history, which simply resembles that a smart device can easily control our social life and that we humans are deceived by this new technology. We have reached the point that even the citizens living in Antarctica can access the internet easily.

Research Paper on Cell Phone

Our society is developing every single year, and the world has provided us with some unbelievable technology that sometimes it seems that we are on cloud 9, having the latest accessibilities and the newest trending smartphones in the market. Our lives have changed quite dramatically with the invention of mobile phones and the internet, with both super and arguably devastating results. Smartphones have changed the way people interact with each other for three major reasons speeding up information, improving communication, and it’s a social reliever.

Argumentative Essay Examples on Cell Phone

With the assistance of mobile phones, individuals are able to send text messages with a flash of an eye. With the help of the internet, data or texts from emails to sending pictures are traveled quicker than Usain Bolt. This specific feature allows owners to access any websites they desire, so they can stay up to date with the latest trends and news. Mark Ward (2018) believes that the speed of Wi-Fi in the United Kingdom is quicker than that of smartphones by nearly more than a half percent. Besides, M. Ward (2018) has mentioned that this speed has improved the usage of hotspots and Wi-Fi for people to use instantly. You can explore the internet and search for the information that you need by just requiring to press a button.

Thesis Statement for Cell Phone

The simple press will also allow you to stay updated on what’s happening with the business and the outside world. People do not need to worry about waiting for centuries to check if they received a message or not as they add mobility and cheaper long-distance calling. People have the capability to stay in contact 24/7, as it has developed our world into a substantial amount by gathering people under one roof (M.ward,2018).

Changing Dynamics of Communication with Smartphones

Nowadays, it is much easier to connect with someone than in the past decades during the 1900s. It is much more uncomplicated than in the past, for our ancestors had to struggle just to send a message that might take months to reach. Everyone is aware that communication is vital for human beings in order to not isolate themselves and to have someone to talk to and accommodate. As Mark Ward(2018) stated, ‘Wi-Fi will remain an important tool for the provision of fast internet connections for a segment of the populous.’

Moreover, the invention of smartphones introduced a new revolution in the way of communication. Firstly, smartphones play a massive role in connecting individuals within society or family, especially whenever someone is pressured or has excessive stress preventing them from reaching out to people. Technology and the internet itself have made people busy. It is seen to escape the real world. This improves communication through using texting methods. Cell phone has an impact on the way we socialize with other people. Instead of individuals interacting verbally they can now send text messages to each other. This is bad because it damages our friendship and causes further trouble (T. Strahan, 2008). Strahan has also addressed, “This has affected me due to whenever I’m placed in a situation, instead of interacting with others, I tend to use my phone.”

Ideas: Social Relief and the Role of Smartphones

Furthermore, mobile phones also play a huge role in social relief. Social media influencers are vital in today’s generation as they are fully in charge of leading the rest of the people. Engaging the audience by improving people’s search in fashion or elsewhere by making it much quicker and easier for people to see the newest trends from all around the world. Perhaps some individuals feel secure or comfortable whenever they text their loved ones or social media influencers. People can post their stories online or even talk about what they are feeling and might gain the trust of other people to talk about and share what they have in common. This builds trust and increases the bonds of making friends online on social media.

Negative Impacts of Excessive Cell Phone Usage

However, some people benefit from mobile phones while some do not. Family relations are destroyed, and mobile phones have destroyed the peaceful and enjoyable moments where families have closer yet a stronger bond between each other. Mobile Phones are getting more addictive each time, and parents are unable to have normal conversations as they used to have before. It became so outrageous that even a millennium is an expert at using phones and online games.

Firstly, it is very rude the fact that using the phone during the dinner table or at any gathering shows disrespect and uncaring etiquette. Secondly, it distracts you by not having enough time interfering with your family time which makes it less engaging. According to a recent study, nearly 50 percent of kids think their parents check their devices too often, and about 30 percent claim that they feel meaningless when their parents use their phones instead of giving them attention (R. Lowin,2015).


To conclude, the purpose of a mobile phone is to keep you in contact with the other person. In the past, people used to interact with one another freely, calling a person and now calling a phone. It used to be that when you made a phone call, you were calling a place. Now you’re calling a person” (Atencio,2017; Cooper,2017). Besides, having a face to face communication is much more reliable since there are true feelings and emotions, making it an effective communication. Stewart (2013) quotes that “An overwhelming 69% of millennials said they’ve broken up with someone in a text message”. Also, it increases and builds trust, whereas people can talk freely and can express themselves. Humans are able to send as many text messages as they want or even go on to any other social media apps such as Instagram or Snapchat to waste time. This is why smartphones have benefited our society.

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