How Cell Phones Influence on Us

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People are living in a modern society with a lot of technologies and social media. They have contributed an essential part of everyone's life, specifically cell phones. Cell phones are the indispensable devices which used almost every day. More than ninety-six percent of the world population has owned one. People cannot deny the positive effects which cell phone has had on them in many ways. However, there is another side of cell phones which is damaging and killing each person day by day. Cell phones have many evil influences on health, changing communication, and making people being more lonely and passive. According to those effects, it is right to say that cell phones are more harmful than beneficial.

 Cell phones increase stress levels on people, especially the young adults, who are between the age of eighteen to twenty-four. Kelli S. Burns, the author of the book "Social Media" shows that fifty percent of teens feel addicted to devices such as cell phones, and "Today, the cell phone is a crutch for people's fear of being idle" (Burn 271). The analysis of the investigators and examiners from many universities found the oftenness of using cell phones can raise everyone's stress extents (Borreli 2). The alarm bells, the alerts from the messenger, or advertisements sound from cell phone usually hinders sleep and makes everyone's rest incomplete. After that, it leads to fatigue, unconsciousness, and tension. In more severe cases, it becomes the cause of mental illness. Most users are teenagers and young adults; it may explain why the number of people with autism and psychosis disorders is almost at these ages.

 Besides increasing the level of stress, cell phones also increase the risk of eye vision problems. People often spend at least thirty minutes looking their phone, even some of them can take three hours or more. Screens of phones tend to be smaller than computer screens, which means "everyone is more likely to squint and strain their eyes while reading messager" (Borreli 2). Many studies show that fifty percent of people who are nearsighted or have signs of myopia because of looking on phones continuously in a long time. There are more people with myopia than there were a century ago. An ophthalmologist has claimed, "severe myopia can lead to sight-threatening conditions, including glaucoma and retinal detachment" (Sulleyman 1). Everyone should spend more time reading books than looking on phones. Books does not damage eyes, the most effect of reading a book is it makes people falling in sleep. People only use it in a place with light; if there is no light, then people cannot use it. Cell phones are not as same as books, people can use it anywhere, even in a place with no light because it already has light itself. As this convenience, it causes the harmful effect which everyone usually does not know. People have a routine of using cell phones in the darkness specifically when they are laying on the bed. The light of cell phones cannot compare to the natural light of the sun. It damages eyes, and in a severe case, it can lead to blindness. There are at least ten people who are blind because of this bad habit. A cell phone is a double-edged sword; it provides the benefits for everyone, it gives everyone anything they need. However, it is useful if and only if people control and limit their time on it, and know how to use it in the right way. If people abuse the modern and useful of it, it will become dangerous and kill them day by day.

 Another negative issue of cell phones is they affect emotions. Borreli said on "Medical Daily" that the attendance of cell phones while people are "talking face-to-face" can create negative emotions (Borreli 1). A conversation between people who are not using cell phones always more active and comfortable than people who are using them. In another case, a person often feels angry or bothersome if the ones who they are talking to keep looking and texting on the phone. Focusing too much on cell phones can also make time in the meetings is extended and affecting to the quality and result of that meeting. When students focus on cell phones, they cannot pay attention to the lessons in class or cannot hear and understand what the teacher is saying. Teachers are not happy if they see students with a cell phone on hand while they are teaching. That is why almost eighty percent classes at high school and college request students to put their phone away during class.

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