Do Cell Phones Negatively Impact Personal Relationships?

Cell Phones are being constantly updated and upgraded throughout the past several years. Cell phones have become in a good use for human beings, people use it to contact anyone they needed to at any time making them feel closer, check on what they’re friends are up to and even a way to make new friends that can go far up to making love.

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        Firstly, people use phones to call relatives, friends, make arrangements, emergency etc. these calls are pretty much a simulation of contacting others in real life, these calls make one feel closer to others. For example, when I moved to Canada and lived there only with my brother, I always used my cell phone to contact my family and close friends which helped me feel like I’m still with them.

        Secondly, there are multiple social media applications that had been released on the cell phone in the last couple of years that people post photos and videos of what they’re up to, these uploads make other people watching them feel like they’re living the moment with the person posting them. People can learn things from other people posting new things making them inspired, this can also help build up a strong community. For example, Snapchat is an application where people either post photos or videos of what they’re currently doing or seeing.

        Lastly, everyone can go on the internet and make new friends, contacting with other people helps build up confidence and being more social, some relationships can even become real where love is being made. According to Amber Brooks, there are over 7,500 dating websites with the number of 49 million users who have tried online dating. For example, a popular application called Tinder where you choose the gender and age, it’ll show you all the people around your location who are also looking for a relationship.

        In conclusion, I do not think that cell phones can negatively impact personal relationships, strongly believe that it brings the community together making people feel closer by contacting each other, checking on what they’re doing and it’s a way of making friends and love relationships.

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