Advancement of Cell Phones

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So many things surround us on a daily basis. Lately, whether you are just walking down the street or casually at home, everyone is on their cell phones. Technology is constantly advancing, especially cell phone products, changing features every 6 months. Are cell phones a positive outcome in our society? Or is it just a distraction causing negative effects toward our world today? Cell phones have given society an advanced way of communication but resulting negatively. Cell phones, being an everyday aspect of our lives, result negatively affecting our brains, personalities, and knowledge on technology.

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“Advancement of Cell Phones”

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The cell phone has many disadvantages that affect our health, everyday tasks and our brains. Though cell phones are useful in our everyday lives, they can cause brain cancer, increase stress levels, weaken immune systems, chronic pain, cause anxiety, and effect eye vision. Sometimes people can get into car accidents from looking down at their phone and also from crossing the street.

Because we look at our tiny screens everyday for (sometimes) long periods of time, it could affect our vision and cause blurriness over time. Sitting on our phone all days can also affect our weight. Instead of going out for a walk, exercising, interacting with others, most people just sit on their phone all day causing it to affect our weight and our daily exercise needed.

Today, we are advancing the knowledge of technology by companies creating unique ways to improve the cellular phone. Unfortunately, this sometimes results negatively to people because we are staring at our phones all day. In a study made for teens, it is said that teens with internet and smartphone addiction have an imbalance in their brain chemistry. The excessive amount of phone usage can affect a child’s social and emotional development, sleep patterns, and become lazy thinkers.

Along with this, cell phones keep people up at night. Tons of people stay up at night staying up on social media, doing work, and just staring at their phone screen for hours. This not only affects people’s sleeping patterns but also distracting you from sleep. With the repeated pattern of sleeping late from being on your phone, it destroys one’s sleeping schedule making it sometimes difficult to fall asleep.

Smartphones can also cause your brain to think lazily. Since a smartphone basically stores all information and does everything for you, it can cause you to do less work. When you have a question without an answer, people’s first instinct now is to look it up on the internet. This can cause the brain to think lazily and reduce further research in books, articles, etc. This can sometimes cause a decrease in a person’s intelligence.

Cell phones can affect a person’s personality over time. Sometimes the quality of our words have no effect since it is just simply a text away. For example, when texting someone I’m sorry, it seems as a careless way to apologize to someone. People replace texting as a way to communicate with people. People become so glued onto their phones that it disturbs the communication aspect to life.

Technology is changing the way we learn affecting our behaviors and personalities. On an article from CBS News by Sarah Diguilio, she states, our digital devices have become a memory partner  you can make more room for new information in your brain when you store and access other information digitally. Unfortunately, this may be a concern which might have people miss out on mental intelligence infecting our creativity and intelligence.

In a study in 2014, 51 kids spent 5 days at a camp with no phones, laptops, etc. Subsequently to this event, the kids were able to read facial expressions and were better able to identify facial expressions. With less interaction on technology, people would be able to work and improve their communication skills and further improve reading ones emotions through facial expressions.

Though people believe that cell phones help with communication and creating new friends through social media, it still has its downsides. There are dangers through social media which is further than the dangers of the phone itself.

80% of today’s society uses mobile phones. Because they have had an increase throughout the years, 1 in 4 households have removed their home land line in replacement for the mobile phones. In 2011, 72 million iPhones were sold increasing the sell of smartphones all around the world.

The mobile phone affects our society as it constantly evolves throughout many years. The first portable mobile phone was created in 1983 called the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. From then, society has created phones like Orbitel TPU 900, Siemens S10, Nokia 7110, Blackberry implementing 3G, LG Prada (first touch screen), and Smartphones. Today, we now have bigger screens and better technology on our phones.

With the constant effort to improve our phones, we don’t realize how many disadvantages it creates in today’s society. In the Apple’s phone manual, it states that it’s recommended to keep the phone away from you. Some people sleep with it next to their head at night causing radiation from the phone into our bodies. About 90% of people talk on the phone from 2 to 2.5 hours each day. Children are also more susceptible to health risk with the use of mobile phones and is possibly carcinogenic to humans.

There are ways to minimize cell phone EMF: Use a hands free option, Wired headphones, avoid metal cases (amplifies EMF), turn on airplane mode when you’re in places without signal, and turn the phone upside down if you sleep with it next to your pillow. Most of the radiation comes from the screen of the cell phone.

Cell phones are the new and changing advancement of today’s technology. Companies are constantly finding ways to improve their phones and compete with each other. Companies like Apple and Samsung try to compete with each other to create better ways to change their phones and make it better than the last: size, shape, battery, water-resistance, etc.

Cell phones create a big impact in our society but result negatively in our futures. By decreasing our brain knowledge, personalities, and knowledge toward technology, people’s futures are at stake at increasing our knowledge. Cell phones perceive as a positive outcome in society and by creating more advances, it negatively affects how we learn and may result to further damages in our bodies.

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