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When cell phones were first invented, they were used as tools to contact family members and emergency coordinators. As years progressed, the big, bulky phones of the 1970’s began getting smaller and thinner. Currently, cell phones have become a necessity to basic human life. Everywhere you go you will see a parent on their phone, texting or going through social media apps while their two year old child is running around unattended. It has become a rare sight to see someone without their phone somewhere close to them.

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“Cell Phone Usage”

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Phones have become one of the biggest distraction of the twenty-first century. They constantly interrupt our thoughts with notifications from social media platforms and messaging apps. It also does not help that smartphones now have built in cameras. Everywhere people go they take pictures to show to other people the sights and practically brag about what they did. Even sleeping by your phone is not a smart idea. Our sleeping patterns have become messed up from the blue light that our phones emit. According to Jonathan Albert,  blue light is thought to enter the brain through the eyes and impact the pineal gland. This gland plays a role in melatonin production, the hormone that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles. So devices use close to bed could impact someone’s ability to get proper rest. Cell phones have also become an agent of dependence for frequent questions. We always have the answer to any question that needs asked. This has said to stunt our imagination.

While there are many reasons that cell phone usage is bad on ourselves, there are also positives. It has become an easier tool to contact people immediately for emergencies. People can now talk to others faster than writing a letter by communicating through text or talking over the phone. Business workers uses phones a lot for video calls and students can email teachers if they need help with subject.. It has become a great way to buy things fast and easily through applications like Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart.

According to ItStillWorks.com, M-commerce is growing rapidly, with an eMarketer study putting U.S. retail sales through mobile devices at $24.66 billion in 2012. In addition, mobile marketing through cell phones allows businesses to engage with their audiences in new ways. This can be especially effective for small businesses, giving them a cost-effective way to reach potential customers. Cell phones can actually be great tools for those who have a commutation disorder, such as some types of autism and diseases of the vocal cords. They can talk to others without actually verbally speaking using text-to-speak capabilities. Smart phones can also be used entertain younger children. They can be used to stream television shows, music, and games. The news can be explored all the time due to smartphones. We can instantly find out something that could be happening in Japan or Korea and be included in the matter. Call phones can also be used as a creation site for those who make money making videos or music.

To me, cell phones can be used excessively and tend to get in the way of things that need to get worked on. I typically use my cell phone to read or text a family member when I get done with soccer practice. Sure I mean I use it to look through social media, but not that often.

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