Advantages of Using a Smart Phone – Techology Essay

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Advantages of using a Smart phone Introduction Mobile phones have evolved to be one of the most prominent and common devices that everyone is using in today’s world. Although it was considered to be a luxury, the number of people using mobile phones has proven it to be a basic commodity. This entails that it is now considered as a necessity. In today’s world, everyone is doing his or her best to buy one as we all need it to communicate with friends, relatives and other co-workers. Due to this prolonged use, mobile phones have become most of common used devices. There are varieties of mobiles phones which may include smart phones, black berry among others. However, statistics have proven that smart phones are one of the most used mobile phone all over the globe. Smart phones are associated with various advantages. First, smart phones can be in a position to perform various functions that a computer can do. For instance, they allow people to communicate without moving from one place to another. Additionally, they permit people to send their photos and short message to their respective people. With this regard, it is evident that smart phones do not only allow people to call their friends but also sharing photos and applications. Due to the advancement in technology, people are now using smart phones to update things in their social media sites. In relation to this, people have claimed that smart phones are used as storehouse of useful information concerning their business. Another advantage of using smart phones is that they are identified as the quickest means of communication and the most vital means that helps people around the globe to stay connected. Another major advantage of using smart phones is the fact that they allow connection even during an emergency. They can also help an individual to retrieve his or her destination as they contain maps. Judging from the above, it can be seen that Smart phones are associated with various advantages and this has made large number of people to use them. Reference Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones [Infographic]. Retrieved from:

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