Cell Phones in School: Good or Bad

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Students should not be prohibited from bringing cellphones to school. We all know cellphones have pros and cons to whether they should be in school, but there are some good reason on why they should be allowed. I have three valid reasons to why cellphones should be allowed at all schools. The first reason I have is Internet access, second is In case of an emergency, and the third is Note takers can take pictures of notes and Record lessons they did not understand to look over. In this essay I will state three pros on why cell phones should be allowed in schools.

The first reason on why cellphones should be allowed in schools is Internet access . As we know most students have cellphones and they have data. Schools would not have to spend as much money on buying computers and maintaining internet. Students will be able to go online to do quick researching during class, and they can do class assignments without worrying about the internet going out.

All schools have emergencies such as school shootings or threats or maybe students just forgot their lunch, so how can all the students call their parents at the same time? That is my second reason In case of emergencies. If a student forget their lunch they can easily send their parents a text to bring it to school. What if a school gets a threat or a shooting happens, the students should be able to call their parents to let them know so they want be worried that something has happen to their child.

Cellphones are a easy way to help finish notes by taking pictures of the notes written on the board and recording the lesson to go back over it at home to get a better understanding, that is my third reason. Some students take longer to write down notes unlike other kids or maybe the teacher goes by the notes to fast. Taking pictures of the notes can help you go back and finish writing them down to get a better understanding while doing it alone. Students can also text upcoming assignments to themselves or put it in their calendars. Other students can record the lesson they was taught in class and send it to a student who was absent or if they did not understand the lesson that was taught they can easily go back and watch it again.

When one considers reasons one, two, and three, it is clear that students should be able to take phones to school. I stated three clear valid reasons, and with these reasons you will understand that these three pros will become very useful in school everyday. Cell Phones should be allowed in school because they are convenient to all students. It also allows students to understand what they learn in school better.

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