Negative Effects of Video Games

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The negative effect of video games in children Imagine that you are a mother raising two beautiful little boys. One day, they get back home from school and they have received their grades, and both of them gets As for all their subjects so you feel happy. Then you want to surprise them and you know that they want a gaming console so you buy it and you surprise them. They download many video games and they play after you noticed that your boys become more addicted to video games.Their behaviors become more furious and violent, they sit in their room too much, and they are isolated from the outside world. Also, the teacher calls you and said your children they do not focus in class, they are sleeping in classes and their grades are dropping. Although, in recent years technology has evolved very quickly , interacting electronic media has overripe from realistic, non-existence of one of the essential means of entertainment for children . Computer games have turned out to be one of the most loved activities to children, sales have grown consistently,with the electronic entertainment category .

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“Negative Effects of Video Games”

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According to Entertainment Software Association, NPD Group, 80% of the all out computer game industry’s 36 billion U.S dollars income in 2017 has a place with programming deals (2017) . Playing computer games is seen as an energizing part of the media scene and has practiced much growth in recent years.There has been a rise in the number of children who use video games in many parts of the world. According to Nielsen, the average U.S. gamer age 13 or older spent 6.3 hours a week playing video games (2013). This average masks vast differences between boys and girls and children of different ages. In the present study, for example, a teenager girls played video games for an average of 5 h a week while boys averaged 13 h a week.Some critics said that the video games can improve numerous subjective aptitudes and enhance a player’s ability of reasoning in various measurements. However , there are many negative effects of video games on children in their academic performance, health , and social life. Some critics said that the video games it helps to learn strategy, anticipation that helps children on their academic performance. However, kids who play video games frequently without being watched by parents overlook their homework and begin to miss classes. the children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend more than 40 hours per week using video games, not counting school or homework assignments (Rideout et al). They stay up until midnight playing these games, and the next day they do not focus in class and always being exhausted. Also, they are sleeping in classes and they are just thinking when the school ends because they want to get back home and play video games, rather than doing their homework or studying for quizzes. For example, my brother in love with video games such as Call Of Duty, Fortnite, and Apex. Also, he can’t live without his gaming laptop and Xbox and he plays 24/7 that is not even the worst part, the worst part that he played violent video games such as racing, killing, zombies and other games.

He stays up to midnight, wake up late and when he is going to school, he feels sleepy and does not focus on his classes so that effect on his academic performance. Overall, they are not participating in class with teachers and students on teamwork, begins to create problems with their classmates. and they say bad words that learned from the games. According to Y?lmaz et al, they said that the video game addicts dispute with their teachers, having a fight with their friends and their grades are dropping than other people who play computer games less frequently (2018). The common issue that related to video games is health risks. First, the children who spend frequently playing video games in the state of indulging in physical activities can harm their health in a difference of ways.

Frequently sitting in one spot all day and playing video games can increase the chances of obesity. For example, my brother sitting all the day on one place and playing video games, and he orders fast food because he does not want to cook or do anything either playing video games so that increases the obesity. According to Strahan et al, found the mean sitting time in one day was 13 hours and that the lack of physical movement was due to inability, the price of equipment, lack of power, or partner, and athletic capability (2015). Also, they are hitting keys again and again when they playing video games so that make hands and fingers numb because of overexertion, hurt the muscles and joints and can even damage visual perception. Second, Video games can affect mental health such as Insomnia. For example, when my brother buys a new video game he is very excited and he can not sleep because he wants to campaign the story. Moreover, Excessive use of video games may be related to sleep privation, low mood, atypical mood disturbance, disability to focus, and sleepiness.

According to Eickhoff et al, the children who play video games they announced a sleeping disorder as their essential protest, they playing video games from 30 hours to over 60 hours out of every week , and they supported relinquishing rest to keep up their video gaming plans without knowledge into the ensuing lack of sleep, they showed blunted effects and discouraged temperaments, however had all the earmarks of being actuated with excitement and satisfaction while talking about their video gaming . Some critics said that video games help to make new friends from overseas and communicate with them. However, children who play video games for a long time they are isolated from outside, they sit alone on there in a little dull room cuts them off from other individuals and hitting keys again and again in order to mindlessly break down anything that moves on their screens such as computer or Ipad. For example, I have a cousin he in love with the video games, he can not live without his computer and he always does not come to any family celebration or to communicate with us. Also, they can’t, or won’t, participate in genuine discussions or be a wellspring of help or support to friends or family.

In order that their friends talk about different things, they start to feel careless, which in turn the reason them to feel disturbed or insulted, so they have chosen to be left out by dedicating all their time to plays video games. According to Zumbach et al.Al, who plays video games, they are being immersed in video games can make players lose contact with real life, making them feel more aggressive and leaving them with temporary psychology problems such as the violent video games (2015). In my opinion, this generation is very smart, so we should deal with them , just on the weekend you can to let them play video games and you choose how many hours they play not all day because you don’t want your children to be isolated from outside . Although excessive playing video games can have negative results, gaming in moderation can be healthful, fun, and educational.     

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