My Opinion about Video Games

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Have you ever thought how video game wasted your time ?, while you could've done something more important, In my opinion I think that video games should be banned, because video games cause health problems to us, and also video games affect us socially, and some video games could make us violent, and most of the video games cost much money.

Video games should be banned because of health problems, video games affect badly on our health, video games cause vision problems, your eyes can be hurt badly from screens, including glare and low screen contrast forcing your eyes to work harder than usual, including headaches, blurred vision, and even nearsightedness if you didn't take some break from playing, in addition when kids addicts at playing video games they spend a lot of time playing and when they are focused on playing they blink much less frequently this reduced blinking affect the flow of tears, and sometimes result in dryness and irritation. Did you know that video games cause obesity, more than 1 in 7 children are overweight because of the video games, the video games decrease the physical activity that children make, so when they eat a lot of food they go to play video games they don't make some physical activity which leads to obesity? Also, video games can result in poor hygiene, when someone is playing for a long time and they don't care to be clean they just want to play, that causes diseases because the person doesn't shower for weeks or months, also not brushing your teeth for a long time can lead to teeth issues and plaque buildup,

Video games should be banned because of violence, some video games lead to violence, there are video games that the players go to battle and kill other players, which lead to violence, in Germany, an 18-year-old man who killed nine people in July 2016 was a fan of first-person shooter video games, and some video games contain a lot of blood scenes, and video games lead to aggressive behavior, also Violent video games cause school shootings, increases in bullying, violent video games reward the player for doing violent things like killing other players in them, so it encourages them to be violent, also when a person plays violent video games since his childhood when he grows up he may become a criminal and the imitates the violence in the video games at real people in streets or anywhere.

Video games should be banned because of the social problems that it causes, video games cause serious psychological problems, depression, anxiety, social phobia, poor grades at school. Video games make the gamer have poorer grades at school, because when the person spends a lot of time at playing video games but doesn't care to study because the is busy buy playing video games so his grades will be low. Also addicted gamers they neglect their relationships with people and with their families and friends, which result in disappearing of their relationships with the people, when a person addicted they will have a lack of social interaction and this lack can have consequences, an addictive teenager will not develop social skills which will help him with his relationships with the people.

Video games should be banned because it costs a lot of money, video games cost so much money that you don't feel yourself when you are spending, because when you are addicted to gaming you just want to buy new games so you can complete your gaming career, some games have something called DLC, a DLC is a downloadable content for the game so you can complete the story of the game or you get new things and gear, some DLC really cost a lot of money because when you see the trailer of the DLC you be attracted to buy it. ( Ark survival evolved) is a game that costs $59.99, and has two DLC, both DLS's cost $19.99. Overwatch costs $59.99, so if you bought a lot of games you would waste your money on something that doesn't benefit you, while you could spend that money on something more useful.

At last, video games should be banned, because video games cause health problems to us, and also video games affect us socially, and some video games could make us violent, and most of the video games cost much money.

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