Violent Video Games Cause Aggression

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That feeling of adrenaline running through your body as you drag someone out of their car and speed off as the police chase you all around the city until you finally lose them. Opening the car door to get out and go attack someone to steal their money, wallet/purse and then taking the next vehicle for a spin around town. Sounds like a movie, but it isn’t. This is what children are exposed to daily. These are the games they are playing. Some kids as young as two years of age being exposed to this horrific scene. People would be devastated if their children had to witness such events in real life. Children begin to link violence and pleasure. Children practice violent activities over and over far more times than regular activities. Children become addicted to video games. These are only a few reasons why violent video games should be banned. In 2003 a young man was being arrested for suspicions on driving a stolen vehicle. He happened to get the officers weapon, shooting at the officer and another officer being dispatched out. He then took off in a patrol car and was later detained. Once he was arrested he then said something like life is a video game, and everyone has to die. The president of the United States Donald Trump just recently gave a speech where he addressed what young people are seeing, he goes on to say that video games are becoming more violent and influencing the minds of young people. These concerns are not new but have become increasingly obvious as the years have gone on. In the 1930’s people were playing, watching and being exposed to violent media at a rate of about 10 hours per week. Aside from video game consoles, children now have access to tablets, smartphones, and computers averaging about 10 hours a day when considering using multiple devices a day. (Lyons) Joanne Cantor a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison states Right now, the research is so overwhelmingly consistent that there are negative effects on the tendency to behave violently causing desensitization and lowering of empathy that it’s a shame we are still fighting this battle,

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“Violent Video Games Cause Aggression”

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