I am against Video Games

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I am against video games because they promote violence, game addiction and expenditure. Video games are good when life gets bored and monotonous with the same schedule every day, but people nowadays have made gaming as their profession, which affects them adversely. Some of the games improves our knowledge and prepare us against the violence that can be found around our surrounding. Video games also brings our family members, relatives and friends together, since multiple player can play and enjoy at the same time. Certain types of video games increase our thinking capacity and improves our brain functioning too. Video games can also be used as good source of teaching and learning tools. There are lots of games in the market where the players have to kill their opponent characters in the game for the victory. It is good until this remains only in the game, but the younger generation tend to implement the violence into their reality. Video games are giving wrong message to the children that those who have lots of guns and can kill everyone are the strongest one. People learn shooting in video games and try to act same in real life which causes death of lots of people. People who play violent type of video games usually get angry very quickly for even a simple cause which affects their social life negatively and may also take a life of others. Children spending most of the time playing video games have difficulty in differentiating their reality and fictional life as a result they think killing and fighting is the only way to solve the problem. Video games also include pornography and different types of women violence which conveys wrong message to the young generation and increases violence in the society. Addiction towards video game is found common. People who do not like to leave playing video games in any situation are said to be addicted towards video games. Video games are designed in such a way that it can easily seek many people's attention. Video games are designed in a sequence of difficulty level so, people would not be bored getting easy level and also people would not leave without playing thinking it's tough. The downfall of people starts when they are addicted to video games as they do not go to work. Addicted children always want to play video game and ruin their study. People get mentally sick being around the video games every moment. People lose their responsibility towards family members and friends due to addiction of video games. Addicted people are so busy with their games, that they do not clean their surrounding and themselves. Video games occupies huge amount of budget in anyone's expenses. Video gaming deals with a lot of technology. We need television, video games, controller and so on to enjoy gaming, which is not affordable by ordinary people. According to BestBuy, An XBOX ONE costs $299.99. This price is only for device, we also need to buy television and games for gaming which makes our gaming costlier. Lots of video games do not demand extra money at the time of buying but while we keep playing, we get options like upgrade characters, unlock next level, get extra lives and so on; which increases the expenses too. People get lots of health problems with their eyes and back pain by playing video games for long time which ultimately increases their expenses. Video games need electricity as the source of energy to operate which increases our electricity bill and adds an extra expense to people. The gaming company always try to make slight change in their new version of same game which makes people to spend extra money for the new version.
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