Video Games Make me Addicted

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Lots of peoples opinions on video games are that they cause violence, school shootings, etc, but honestly that's crazy. There's thousands of articles blaming video games for abuse, bullying and a ton of other things that solely have to do with a man or woman's decision to do them. It seems like websites and advocators against video games are just making excuses and making up false claims as basically an excuse for people. I've read many articles about how bad video games are for your kids and a lot of other articles full of nonsense. My opinion on the matter stays the same, video games don't make people act a certain way and do things and video games aren't addictive, it's all a person's choice not the video games. People like to claim that playing video games is addictive, but is it really? Just because you repeatedly do something you enjoy doesn't make it addiction, like drinking orange juice for example, just because I drink orange juice everyday doesn't make me addicted. There's plenty of things I do everyday but it doesn't mean I'm addicted to them. In the article Video games aren't addictive it says that when someone plays a video game, roughly as much dopamine is released into your brain as eating a slice of pizza. Lots of people like pizza and eat it a lot which makes them happy which doesn't make them addicted to pizza. People would be addicted to countless things if to classify addiction was just to enjoy something and do it regularly. In my opinion as well as many others, video games are not addictive and just something that people enjoy doing. We all hear about school shootings but for some reason we never want to blame the kid who actually did it, we want to blame something in his life for his/her actions, and a typical excuse are video games. People constantly blame video games for teens/adults actions and even the own people who commit whatever was done, blame video games. Many articles, such as Video game violence want to blame school shootings, bullying, and abuse on video games. The video game didn't bring a gun to school, a video game didn't call the girl by the drinking fountain fat and ugly, and the video game didn't hit their wife in the face because she didn't listen to them. The bully, school shooter, or abuser made all those actions on his/her own. It all goes back to the fact that people are just making up foolish excuses for people actions. What does that teach people, that they can do what they want and there is always going to be something for them to fall back safely on? If we keep this mentality everyone will eventually just do whatever they want because they will feel as if they will always have some sort of excuse to why they did it. Possibly sports, video games, pizza, who knows? Like many people, I believe that video games do not cause things like abuse or other forms of violence, they aren't the ones to blame, the person who did it is. Another thing people like to say about video games is that they only cause negative things, negative feelings, negative actions but if you really look into it they actually don't. Sure video games could have a few negatives, but so does everything. Millions of people drink coffee everyday, yes there are some negatives like all the sugar and caffeine but apparently we can never look at the positives anymore. What if you have to study for exams the night before and it's only 10 but you are ready to pass out but ur exams are important? Drinking coffee helps you stay awake. Also people enjoy drinking it which makes them happy. Playing video games do many good things for you but people never seem to focus on them. According to the article The Neurology of gaming, video games can strengthen brain cell connections. They can positively affect your body in other ways as well, like helping to develop collaboration skills, improving hand-eye coordination, and many other things as well. Also, according to the article The Neurology of gaming, some games designed to help manage things like asthma are more effective than some doctors pamphlets. Video games can affect people positively and can even help them. Video games are not causes to violent acts nor addictive. Critics say that they only negatively affect people who play them but I know that video games affect people positively as well. From improving hand-eye coordination to helping manage health issues like asthma, video games can improve people's life. They don't cause people to do things or act a certain way, people make those decisions on their own and using games as an excuse for their actions is foolish.
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