Video Games are Beneficial for your Life

Video games have been criticized for making teens aggressive and antisocial or even depressed but in all actuality video games are life enhancing and improves your brain growth. The gaming world can be the helping aid of any age group, varying from young adult youth to middle aged adults as well as the senior citizens . Games have been proven with research and studies that they improve young adults motor skills and decision making. It’s not just a virtual reality teens run off to, it’s not something that causes, but actually treats depression. Video games are healthy and beneficial to anyone engaging with them. There are many benefits to actively playing video games, like previously stated it helps with mental disorders such as depression. In New Zealand a study took place with students who suffered from depression. The research involved a Video game called SPARX, and it acted as an alternative for psychological counseling. This study separated the students into two groups one group who got regular counseling and the other who played the virtual video game. At the end of the study researchers concluded that the adolescents that played SPARX recovered from depression a lot easier and quicker with simply a video game(“10 Reasons Why VideoGames are Good for You”, 2018). Mental Disorders take time to treat and control and video games is one big way to assist an individual who needs or wants hat help. Games proven to help mental disorders including anxiety and depression or games with avatars and choice making life stimulating games like The SIMS, Fortnite, and so much more in that genre of video games. Not only can it help reduce mental disorders it can help with brain grown. The gaming community gains cognitive skills like problem solving and memory skills(Klasen and Lasky,2018).Video games have maneuvered their way throughout history and altered culture for the youth.Everywhere you turn you will find a kid or adult playing a video game. It’s a good thing games have a positive effect on your brain. A study held at the university of Iowa with several adults, were asked to play a video game where they needed to use there memorization skills. The results showed that the participants received three years of experience in, Cognitive Reserves, just after only playing for ten hours(Marsh, 2018). Many parts of the brain including the Cerebellum, HippoCampus, and prefrontal cortex experience growth when played video games even if the play time is only thirty minutes(BBC,2018). This type of brain growth consists of fine-motor skills which is like using your hands to turn or pick up objects. As well as improving your organizational skills and planning.An all of these benefits can help you throughout your life as you grow older(Marsh,2018) In today’s society many kids are starting to become anti-social and unplugged from their outside environment ,but with the use of video games that all ceases to continue. skills gained from gaming strategies, and an elevated self-esteem that comes from success during their performances(Klasen and Lasky,2018).Gamers can now be involved in gamechats and video game community groups. Video games have helped build a community that has vastly increased in population. Today kids stop being antisocial and start connecting with the outside world and can even meet other gamers from all across the world. A researcher stated, Gamers aren’t the antisocial basement-dwellers we see in pop culture stereotypes; they’re highly social people, said one of the researchers who went to more than 20 events where gamers get together(“10 Reasons Why Videogames are Good for You”, 2018). The best thing about video games is that if an individual is going through hard times or has experienced something bad video games help them get through things such as chemotherapy(McCarthy,2014). Finally, although there are various benefits to videogames the most important one that parents will find interesting is it helps improve your child’s education and skill development. Videogames can help adolescents in setting goals, making sure goals are met, learning how to receive and give plausible feedback, healthy reinforcement, and maintaining positive behavioural changes.Video games have been proven to be stimulus to gamers everywhere, for instance video games boost self esteem and help individuals learn about who they are and there self concept(Griffiths,2018).Educational skills can be taught in school, but what if i told you they can be taught through video games. Various game can teach basic math and reading skills as well as social skills and language skills. Video games are so extravagant since there computer based so not only are you gaining valuable outside world skills your gaining the ability to understand a work on IT skill. So say if your game crashes or you get a virus on your console you can learn how to fix it easily(Griffiths,2018). A spectacular study held by professional researchers showed that a child or actually, any individual with Erb’s Palsy can use video games as a rehabilitation method, helping the child cope and avoid the pain or discomfort they are going through. Isnt that astoishingthat any game can help a chronic medical condition. In conclusion, video game have been wrongly subjected to the stereotype that they cause negative effects to individuals skill set,brain activity,and education. Video games with many many studies have been proven to help development. They are great for you! If you want to improve eye site brain grown and other beneficial life skills take action into playing games especially in 3D, get your mind to thing in various ways(BBC,2018).

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“Video Games are Beneficial for your Life”

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