How do Video Games Affect Hand Eye Coordination

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Hand-eye coordination means how fast hand reaction speed is in relation with eye reaction speed. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that effects your hand-eye coordination. The cerebellum is used for vision. The cerebellum also keeps people on balance. It is one of three major parts of the brain. The other two are the brainstem and the cerebrum. Of the three parts, it is linked in actions the most. Studies show how many jobs involving actions are preformed better by workers that play video games. For example, it takes a lot of studying and intelligence to be a surgeon, but surgeons who play video games are better at there jobs. If surgeons play video games, then they are thirty-seven percent less likely to make a mistake and and preform the procedure twenty-seven percent faster then non gamers. The University of Toronoto did a study where they tested people that play video games and people that do not usually play video games. The first test, the participants as to keep the mouse on a white square. In the beginning, the results were about the same. By the end, the video game players were way better at keeping the mouse on the white square. The results proved that people who play action video game on the regular such as, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, and Fortnite are better at learning new sensory motor tasks, and improve hand-eye coordination then those who don't play video games. We wanted to understand if chronic video game playing has an effect on sensorimotor control, that is, the coordinated function of vision and hand movement, said graduate student Davood Gozli after the experience. Who led the study with supervisor Jay Pratt. According to The University of Toronto This is likely due to the gamers' superior ability in learning a novel sensorimotor pattern, that is, their gaming experience enabled them to learn better than the non-gamers. According to With 67 percent of American households playing them, video games are no longer the exclusive domain of 15-year-old boys who spend Friday nights in damp basements. Video games aren't just a time suck for kids who don't want to finish homework The military is running out of UAV pilots. UAVs stands for unmanned aerial vehicle. The military may look to video game players. Li Li and Rongrong Chen along with Jing Chen conducted an experiment were they tested video games players who play both first person shooters and driving games and regular people. Everyone participated in a game were a car controlled by the participants had to stay inside two lines. During the game, wind would randomly blow on the car. The regular people did pretty good on the game, but the gamers were way better. According to They also reacted more quickly and more accurately to the crosswinds.
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