Video Games Control you

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Little do we know how greatly video games have taken over our lives.Since the creation of video games we've spent tons of money and time on just one game. In Christopher Ferguson's article Video Games Aren't Addictive he argues at the fact he believes that video games are not addictive and saying That it's normal behavior and may be a waste but it's not as damaging of lives in the way drug and alcohol can be.(2017) However, I am arguing the fact that video games are addictive and can pull the players mind away from what's important. Reasons why I feel video games are addictive is simply because players are motivated to keep playing due to the reward system,it's escapism ,and an emotional stress release/stress relief.

In games players are always striving to achieve the reward set at the end. They're constantly playing trying to get to the next level whether that be in a video game or in life. NCBI had an article written by Mark Zastrow saying With video games, as with gambling, the intermittency of the reward only heightens its conditioning power.(2017) People are alway competing to move forward and prosper .It can be harder to get what the player wants in life so you seek that win through a game.So getting the chance to beat that highscore on your video game makes all the stress go away. Knowing that the player is the winner brings satisfaction and self happiness to the player. That's why videogames are so addictive because the players never want to stop until that high score is beaten and your able to pat yourself on the back for reaching it.

Players log on to their game and spend countless hours playing to escape their everyday hard life. You forget in that instance about what's going on around you.As said in the article I play video games to run from my problemsby Ben Kuchera he states that The rest of the world disappears when you're wrapped up in a good video game, which can be the best thing about the medium while also being one of the most dangerous. (2015) It gives you a break that the player needs and they never want to log off to go back to reality.Which can be dangerous because you'd rather play game then deal with your life. Anybody would feel the same way because who wants to deal with life when they can escape to a virtual reality where everything is perfect.That's gaming is so bad and addictive because you feel happy rather than stress.Though people learn it's healthier to face your problems then to hide from them.

Video games to a person is like their own therapy that they can attend to daily. When going to therapy you feel you let it out and at the you feel better.Like a video game you play you let it out and you feel better.The game allows the player to exhibit behaviors that in normal life they wouldn't do. They sit and play for hours and let out their feelings and frustrations whether it be cursing a player out on the game or shooting a character it's the only place the person feels they can let it out without any consequences. Taking your anger on a game is better than being angry when you go through your day to day cycle. The players mind is taken over by their character and they become addicted to gaming non stop, wanting to let their feelings out through the game.

Video games take away from your life and bring you to a virtual reality where you prosper that's why it's so enjoyable and so addictive. You can get addicted really easy because the players are motivated to keep playing due to the reward that the player gets in the end, They escape their life to go into their own virtual reality, and it's a chance for them to let out any feelings instead letting it out in their feelings in their everyday life.Video Games have a control over us. Who knew that a mindless piece of equipment could have such a big impact?

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