Ethical Dilemma in Truth

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Have you ever been in a dilemma where the only way to get away from hurting someone's feelings is to lie to them but then they find out and will get hurt even more or just straight up tell the truth so that you won't feel bad lying to them? I've been there plenty of times and I have made the same bad choice each time - I lied. Telling the truth feels more refreshing than lying because you will earn respect from other people, create strong connections, and brings you peace of mind.

Telling the truth will make you earn other's people respect because they will see you as someone who really cares about others and how they feel. You become more human and understandable and that's a great way to become a better version of yourself. Earning people's trust will make you look like a great leader as well and to have people see you like that is amazing. I have met people who try and become someone they are not and lie to others about their personality. That's something you shouldn't do at all if you want to people to respect you. For instance, more people will be attracted towards you and your honesty and they will want to become friends with you and create a strong relationship with you.

When people start to see you as a trustworthy person, they would want to become friends with you and your little social circle will grow bigger. King Solomon once wrote, Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy. It takes courage for you to be brutally honest to your friends about whatever is going on with their life, but it'll strengthen the friendship. Like for example, your friend is about to be in a relationship but you have a feeling that the

relationship won't last or it'll be toxic. You must go up to your friend and tell them how you feel about them being in a relationship so that way your friends will see how you feel and see how honest you are with them. Who knows, they might consider your opinions; Furthermore, once you tell them how you feel, your mind begins to calm down from over thinking and brings you peace of mind.

Releasing the tensions from your head, such as second thoughts or overthinking, when you are about to be honest with someone will make you feel happy and peaceful because you are taking that tension and pulling it out of by talking it out. Having a healthy mind is important, and it'll give you access to more ideas and ways to improve yourself. It is said that it's better for something to be said already than waiting for someone else to say it for you. When you tell the truth, you also boost up your self-confidence, which can help you look more reliable and responsible; And your self-esteem improves a lot as well.

In some cases, there are times where lying is appropriate, such as a parent calming down their child by saying the vaccine won't hurt at all. Those lies are called little white lies, lies that are minor, polite, or harmless. With these, people won't mind them and it'll just slip by their heads.

Telling the truth is much more refreshing than lying because you earn people's respect, create strong, healthy relationships, and puts your mind to ease. You should become a better version of yourself by being more honest and let others see that you are trustworthy. If you don't want to follow this path of honesty, then it's okay but you must know what the consequences are if you choose to lie because if you are not careful on what you say, you are aren't going to like the results.

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