Is College Worth the Cost?

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Going to college is worth the cost. The higher education one has, the better his/her career choices and life would be. If one graduates from college with a good career path set for him/her, that person will make a lot more money than others who didn’t go to college. College graduates have more and better job opportunities. People who go to college say it helps shape them as a person, and they live a longer and happier life. Many people think that going to college is not worth it because it costs too much, but it will help benefit each person later in life.

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“Is College Worth the Cost?”

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Those who go to college and pick a good career path, will make a lot more money than those who didn’t go to college. Going to college and getting degrees will lead one to high paying jobs and higher salaries. “According to a Georgetown University study, college graduates earn $1 million more in lifetime earnings than high school graduates.” “People with a bachelor’s degree earn about 66 percent more than their peers with only a high school diploma, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” This shows that going to college is worth it because it makes you have a better paying job than those who didn’t go to college. Even though college is a lot, and could be stressful, it’s worth it in the long run. If you pick the right career, it will make a huge difference in your future earnings.

Going to college and knowing what career you want, will lead to a good paying job, and a job that makes you happy. Many high school graduates work in low paying jobs and aren’t satisfied with their life. College graduates have more skills and opportunities for better jobs. “Because you have studied a topic and degree of interest to you, chances are you will enjoy what you do. And because of some of the benefits described above, such as higher income and opportunities for advancement, your job will also improve your quality of life.” A college degree can teach you many skills you need to be successful and to have a good career. Graduating from college can double one’s income in the future. All the good, high paying jobs require a college degree. College is worth it because it will open many doors for you and give you more opportunities.

College graduates say that college helped them shape them into the person they are today. People who went to a four-year college, took a survey on how college had a positive impact on them, and the results were high. “74% say their college education was very useful in helping them grow intellectually; 69% say it was very useful in helping them grow and mature as a person; and 55% say it was very useful in helping them prepare for a job or career.” It’s also proven that going to college and having a higher education can make you live a longer and healthier life. “Federal statistics show that, on average, 25-year-olds with a bachelor’s degree live about nine years longer than those who didn’t graduate from high school. College graduates are also healthier, with lower rates of obesity and smoking compared to high school dropouts, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Education plays a big role in the decisions people make including, their lifestyle choices. As a college student, one will learn experience in time management, organization, and self-discipline, which employers will look for.

The price of college in the 1980s vs now, has increased tremendously. Many people don’t go to college now because it’s too much and they can’t afford it. Every year the college tuition goes up 6.27%. “According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for college tuition and fees were 850.33% higher in 2019 versus 1982 (a $170,065.27 difference in value).” The prices now for college are ridiculously high and for many, is unaffordable. In 1982, the pricing changed by 13.44%, which is above the yearly change for college tuition from the 1982-2019 time period. “In 1980, the average cost of tuition, room and board, and fees at a four-year post-secondary institution was $9,438, according to the “Department of Education.” If people want to go to go to college then the prices need to go down. There are also solutions that people could use to go to college and help them with the price.

There are many solutions people can use to go to college and pay for it. There is a lot of money out there to help pay for college. People can apply for financial aid and that will help pay for most of it that his/her family can’t afford. People can also apply for scholarships that will help them pay for college. Financial aid and scholarships are better than taking out student loans because you don’t have to pay them back. Another solution is to go to a tuition free college. This will help save a lot of money and don’t have to worry about being in dept your entire life.

Going to college and getting a higher education is worth the cost. A college degree will open many doors and give you many more opportunities. College graduates make a lot more money, have better jobs opportunities, and they live a happier and longer life. College will help shape you as a person and will help you learn more on who you are as a person.

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