College is not a Good Choice in Today’s World

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More than 44 million Americans have student debt equaling over $1.5 trillion, this means that one in four Americans have student debt which also means that each person has almost $38,000 is student debt alone. As population increases who knows how much student debt we’ll have in a century. So the question lies, is college worth it? I think not.

First and foremost, college is not a good decision because many jobs don’t need an education. The article, “Education Isn’t for Everyone.” by Reich explains that, “College grads go to jobs that don’t even require a college degree.” (21) This quote proves that college is a waste of time and a lot of money that doesn’t need to be spent. In addition, the article, “Education Isn’t for Everyone.” by Reich confirms that college is, “Unnecessary because 46% of jobs do NOT require a college degree.” (21) This quote is similar to the other one but this confirms the fact that almost half of all jobs in the world do not require a college degree so why go to college? In conclusion, college is not necessary because it is very expensive and is not a true value.

Now you may also be asking yourself well what if I want to do something like a doctor or engineer in my life, well I tell you that you can do whatever you want to do in your life but college might not be the best option, as the BLS says in their article, “Education still pays” They report that, “Workers with more education have lower unemployment and higher earnings.” But that still doesn’t explain why so many people are in debt because of these money eating colleges.

In the video, “College Board” they say that, “You’re in student debt for the rest of your life.” I think this quote means that college is a huge waste of all the opportunities you can have in life being held back by paying back student loans for almost nothing. Another quote I found was a quote by Rossi in, “Ivory Tower” that explained that, “66% failed to graduate in 4 years.” This quote also relates to the quote in the video by explaining that more than half of people that have gone to college have failed to graduate in a four year span, just think about what all you could do in four years and with all that money you just wasted to dropout or fail.

Lastly, college is not a good choice in today’s world because many jobs don’t require a degree and it is very expensive. College is a big waste of money and time along with simply not needing it at all depending on what exactly you want to do. It is in everybody’s interest to stay away from college unless you want to have a big amount of waste in your life and go out and do something you really want to do!

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“College is not a Good Choice in Today’s World”

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