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Smartphones should be Allowed in School

The number of people who own cell phones has increased dramatically over the years. Cell Phones have evolved rapidly to the point that they are no longer used just for calling. Today’s smartphones are capable of texting, taking pictures, recording videos, playing games, and have full access to the internet and information. Smartphones have become […]

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The Use of Phones in School

The rise of technology in America has severely impacted the moral compass of teens. This issue is due to the rise of phone usage throughout school systems. There are differing points of views as to whether students should/shouldn’t be allowed to have phones during school hours. These bipolar views are mainly due to results in […]

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Cell Phones in School: Good or Bad

Students should not be prohibited from bringing cellphones to school. We all know cellphones have pros and cons to whether they should be in school, but there are some good reason on why they should be allowed. I have three valid reasons to why cellphones should be allowed at all schools. The first reason I […]

Pages: 2 Words: 474 Topics: Cell Phone, Cell Phones In School

Use of Smartphones in School

“The rate of cell phone ownership among students between the ages of twelve and seventeen in the United States has increased rapidly, from 45 percent in 2004, to 71 percent in 2008, to 88 percent in 2016.” (Cell Phones in School). Cell phone ownership has been increasing over the years, even elementary students own a […]

Pages: 2 Words: 593 Topics: Behavior Modification, Cell Phone, Cell Phones In School, Communication, Learning, Smartphone

The Role of Cell Phones in School

Cell phones are great and very important in our daily lives, but they shouldn’t be allowed in the classroom. We come to school to be educated and to get direction for our futures, that is extremely important and we should get rid of our biggest distraction. Cell phones are distracting, can be used for cheating, […]

Pages: 2 Words: 549 Topics: Cell Phones In School

Why Cell Phones are Great for School

Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days?Cell phones are no longer specifically used for calling and texting. Cells phones have become a necessary item in our everyday lives. The modern cell phones are ground-breaking technology at the tip of your fingers. The real question is, Should students be allowed to use these devices at […]

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Phones should be Allowed in School

Phones should be allowed in school. “There are many reasons for phones during school.” “Phones can be a great learning tool during school and out of school. Phones can help the student for a job in the future.” “The students need to learn how to be responsible with their device during school.” ” They should […]

Pages: 2 Words: 671 Topics: Cell Phones In School

Phones in School: Advantages and Disadvantages

Phones should be aloud in school. “It helps students be ready for a job later on down the road.” “There are many reasons that they need their phones like to know how to access their email, call anyone, read the news, and many more.” ” The kids and students need to know how to use […]

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Cell Phones in Middle School

In most schools cell phones are banned from being in use inside the school. In my opinion students should be able to use cell phones, but only when needed, but also for fun out of the classroom. Most teachers think it’s a distraction to most students because they think they cannot control themselves with technology […]

Pages: 2 Words: 591 Topics: Cell Phones In School
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