Good Financial Planning could Help College Students to Get Success in their Life

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It’s never too late to have a good financial plan for your future, whether you want to save for your retirement, first home, when you have your plan in a place, you’re better positioned for your plans. Life happens, and your spending plan should be flexible enough to change with whatever comes your way. Managing real life expenses and trying to save for your long-term financial goals are difficult tasks for most people, not just college students. Establishing yourself as a responsible adult at a young age will help to lay the foundation for a secure financial future.

“If you set a goal go after them with the all determination, you can muster, your gift will take you place that will amaze you”- says les brown. he basically saying you need to go after your plan, you must be hungry for whatever plan you have in your life, because that’s the only way to get what you want. As you work on yourself you are in a better position to understand which area you are lacking at present and what you need to do to become better in that area. You need to boost your self-confidence, build your strength, in order to achieve your goals, financially and physically.

After learning and doing all the Researcher about the financial planning, I have to say I enjoyed this one the most. That many people will find it hard to survive today with just a single career and some students may have hard time paying off their debts after college because of not doing what needs to be done when they were in college. I learned that one of the important things in life is making plans financially or physically for your future is a powerful thing. There are no guarantees that all of them will be fulfilled, but the more you plan the bigger are the chances that you’ll succeed in your life.

There are many negative things, distraction could happened during your success or planning but all you need to do is keep pushing forward, eliminate negative things in your life and keep your hopes up. I read this book about Wallace its short stories book by David Foster. I found out an interesting story because it was about two young couples faced different challenges in their life. They both were facing difficult decision on their life. I enjoyed this one the most. Different people can have different problems. But Wallace is able to use logical reasoning to show that humans could change their perspectives there more to the book but, no matter what nothing could stop you from achieving your goal.

As a result, what I learned from here about financial planning is that it could change my ways life in future. Planning finances involves nothing else than just building wealth and having enough for my retirement. Most people may be thinking it’s too much work to do financial planning but from what I learned it’s worth it at the end.

When working on financial planning, always keep your budgets up and make sure you have emergency funds because that will help you in an expected event. I learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about financial planning. I may have been doing financial planning in past, but this helps me a lot and I would definitely use this in a future financial planning’s. One important thing I learned is that if you want something you have to work for it, nothing comes easy.

Financial planning is not just for rich people, it is the process of creating an ongoing process that will reduce your stress about money, support your current needs, and help you build for your retirement. Generally, it’s up to us to look after our self, because if we don’t consequence will happen to us in the future. Like Jack Ma, said “Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine. It is more about to plan financially and to give yourself, improving in the future. Also it’s good for anyone to Set up current goals and future goals, not only personal goals.

In conclusion good financial planning could help any college students or anyone that is in need of help with money budgeting. When it comes to finance nothing goes exactly as planed so it’s better to have an emergency fund, and make sure you to plan out your spending and the most important thing is the timing of it. This allows you to plan your spending more effectively and you won’t have any consequence in future. The best time to start doing financial planning is now because that will reduce any stress about your money in future life. 

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“Good Financial Planning could Help College Students to Get Success in their Life”

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