You have to Stay in School

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There is a quote that Michelle Obama, the former First Lady said “You have to stay in school.You have to.You have to go to college.You have to get a degree.Because that’s the one thing people can’t take away from you is your education.And it is worth the investment.” This quote says that a good education is important for everyone and should not be neglected. From the 1800s,education was always a subject that was debated by many people around the world. This war has ever ended until this day despite the fact that everyone lives in a relatively modern society. Not everyone in this world are fortunate to get good education. In poor countries such as Pakistan, Afganistan, Syria, Nigeria and many more other countries that are falling apart, they are not able to provide education for their people. Children and teenagers are forced to become victims of child labour. Simply because their family is poor and they need to carry the heavy burden of putting food on the table for those staying at home. They have no choice but to do such to change their family state. However,to make the world a better place many well-known people such as Malala Yousafzai, Her Highness Sheikha Moza and even Hillary Clinton have taken up the task to cultivate the importance of education and their statement in their speeches is a good education should be given to all, children in particular and that is their right.

In simple words education is a right not a privileage because quality education for all is a way to tackle inequality.In poor countries,the people do not put education in the top of thier bucket list. They only wish to be able to make enough money to support the family and this is where the boys in the family play an essential role. As the boys in the family go to work,the girls stay at home and get the house chores done. This makes the society think that girls are a burden as they have to feed aother mouth.Therefore,their rights are disowned and thoughts are not respected. In result, the people have a very small knowledge on wonders that women can empower to the world. However, this perseption should change as the world is revolving.Through a good education,kids will know how much man and woman can do. They will know that gender is never the obstacle for one to be successful in life and will lead life with a more open-mind.Most importantly, the voices of women and young girls can be heard and they can get opportunites to live a life that they want happily.

Next, good education is a right not a privileage because it can help the country to grow economically. Every child is the hope of every nation as they will be the next generation to continue build a country. By giving good education to them the country will reduce the population of people in poverty. More people will be having stable jobs and monthly salaries to take care of their family. The bussiness sector will also grow and this will boost the economic of the country. A nation of stable economic status will make more exposed to modern tehnology and the nation will grow acording to the modern era. They will be updated with latest technology and will be known as one of the most successful countries in the world.

Last but not least, eduation is a right not a privileage because it helps individuals to reach their full potential. When a child is educated, he or her will be able to know who they really are and ability they have. They will be able to grow up with that ability and become somebody who can use that ability to give back to the people. This also helps a child in their self development. Many kids around the world are unable to shocast their potential.There are a few factors that are stoping them such as poverty,crisis and discrimination. There are children who are early to go to school but they just cant. This situation is very pitiful. The children are not given their freedom to do what they love and have to adapt to their difficult lifestyle. This problem must come to a knot. Children should be given the right to good education as they will be able to blossom and become the person who they have dreamt to be. Children are the hopes of a nation, and education is the only path that will help them grow to be a good citizen and serve the country well.

As a conclusion,we can say that a good education is essential in this world and needs to be provided to everybody, especially children. Education is a right for every human being in this world and must be provided to them. Children especially need to get a good education because it helps to reduce gender inequality,growth of a nation and can make a hild be the individual they have always dreamt of. In aid of this issue,the government of every country in this world need to make education their number one priority. They must provide free education for children from the ages of 7 to 17. There is a quote that was said by Sdyney J.Harris once that “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. This quote says that education can make people do wonders,and it is in the hand of the goverment in order to make their citizens shine in the sky and make the country and world a better place.

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