My Dream: Get into the College to Become a Veterinarian

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I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian for a long time now ever since I was little. I never thought about what it toke to be a veterinarian or in the industry till a couple of years ago. Some of the things I hadn’t thought about were the time commitment, money problems, and how stressful it can be. A veterinarian is in the health science cluster and the pathway is therapeutic services. Some classes that I have taken as a freshman were Biology, Intro. Ag, English, algebra, personal finance, and business . As a sophomore I have taken Animal science, Algebra 2 ,Earth/space,and Health. As a junior I will be taking Geometry, English, and Integrated Physics and chemistry. As a senior I will be taking English, science,and maybe doing an internship.

Some classes I will study after or during high school would be chemistry, biochemistry, physics,math classes, and many other classes. The high school requirements are four years mathematics, four years sciences , four years English,and other courses for the college you which to attend. I will have to achieve a 3.0 GPA or higher to get into the college that I choose to attend. Most people that get into the college to become a veterinarian don’t end up become a veterinarian, because of the test they take, their grades, or financial issues.

Some jobs that will help me in high school to save some money for college would be would be to work at Indiana Beach, Rural King, Tractor Supply, and many other places. Some other job options would be pet sitter, Dog walker, Pet store employe, or veterinarian assistant. Another job opportunity would be to do internships, work at an animal shelter, or even veterinary clinics. These jobs would help with responsibility, work ethic, being on time, and there are many other things you can learn from jobs. A job can teach a person a lot of responsibility and how to save the money that they earn. It can also teach you how to work with other people you may not like, or how you have to be able to balance work life and home life. A job can also teach you how to be responsible with money and how you have to save some.

After high school I plan to possibly go to Ivy tech for a couple of years, then transfer to Purdue University. At Purdue I plan to study to be a veterinarian. I would take classes like animal handlings courses,clinical skills, and work with live animals. I would have to work while i’m in college to be able to afford it. I would also try to get a scholarship to help, if I had to I take out a student loan. A student loan would most likely be the last resort.

I will study to get bachelor’s degree then maybe even a master’s degree. I will have to have two to four years of pre-veterinary or science studies. Then I will study for a bachelor’s degree to become a veterinarian. Post graduate I will offer research and professional continuing education training through science degree programs. College to be a veterinary generally takes about four years to complete. In order to become a veterinarian, I will need to have a bachelor’s degree along with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM) and licensing exam, which is 360 question that most people can not pass.

After high school I will probably live with my parents while I’m in college. After I get out of college I will then hopefully have saved enough money to buy a place of my own. After I finish with my education, I will hopefully have a job in the industry, or be looking for a job in the industry. I would still want to live as close to home as possible though. I would want to work for a local clinic or shelter that needs help, instead of move far away from home. I would want to stay close to home, because there will always be a need for veterinarians in small towns or rural areas. I could even help out local veterinarians that needs the help and that can’t find the help they need. I would rather work in a smaller clinic than a larger hospital, because you are able to help the client get better. 

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