Is a College Degree Worth It?

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Some people might say a college degree is worth it because of better paying jobs as well as a open door for opportunity’s. That it is not the case, throughout extensive research I can prove to you that you don’t need a college degree to be successful you will be better off financially and you will also have a lot of opportunity and they will come fast. There are many factors in why a college degree can be useless.

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“Is a College Degree Worth It?”

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If you are looking to be financially stable than college is most likely not for you college finances can be a slippery slope with your tuition books and other materials and that’s just the start. Also, with that being said you will not be guaranteed six figures by going to college you should try to learn a trade there is a trade shortage and you could make decent money by making this decision (Phetasy). With that being said if you end up picking up a trade you will start making money instantly and you will not have to worry about paying back student loans and worry about college expenses. You could gain a lot of experience and respect by just jumping in a job your into you could easily move up the chain and then you could also talk with the higher ups and get to know them and know what they do and before you know it you will make yourself an asset you will then gain confidences and satisfaction. Most college students come fresh out of high school and they don’t have themselves established yet with experience in the workforce and most students in that situation don’t have money so they have to take out loans for school (Phetasy). You also have to think about what kind of school in which you want to enroll in that suits your needs and that has your degree program. This could be an issue because some students go into a major and then decide to do something else which that college might not offer now you might be caught up in a bad spot financially because some colleges cost more than others and if you would then have to go to a different school then you would lose a lot of money because you want to pursue your passion. With that being said student loans and expenses are a large portion of the united-states national debt. The average student debt after graduation raised to 33,000 that is a lot of debt build up (bond).

There is always going to be a need for people in the workforce not every person can have million dollar jobs. A lot of graduates are not working in the profession they intended to work in. For example, they figure by going to college they can make themselves more marketable for the career they want but that is not the case. Because in today’s society is is not unusual to see people with college degrees most people go to college to receive a degree so they can make themselves stand out. When this happens it will cause a ton of competition between potential employees because they would have to one up each-other and go back to school and get a better degree causing more debt and frustration so they can get hired by there employer (Barro).

You can make good money by learning a trade and this has several benefits by doing this you will tend to live life happier and be more stress free. Many college students get really stressed out causing some medical issues such as depression, binge drinking, and weight gain. Research shows that most freshmen college students have increased levels of depression as well as anxiety because of the new environment (Roberts). Depression can also be caused due to the overload of academic work and the balance of work and college in general. Depression throughout college is dangerous because it can lead to poor academic grades and substance abuse. For instance, once you start feeling this way you feel a sense of hopelessness and then you tend to give up and make bad choices all around. There is a large amount of college students committing suicide statistics show that the suicide rate has tripped since the 1950s also 1,100 of college students commit suicide each year. College students will usually get so upset and overwhelmed and they will tend to try to have a good time and do other things to keep there mind off of school. This can lead to substance abuse some college students will go out and experiment with drugs and alcohol and some will chose the wrong path and start to use because they feel like there is nothing left to lose so thy use drugs to keep there mind in a different place. Binge drinking can be defined as consuming a lot of alcohol in one sitting 40 percent of all college students engage in binge drinking (Roberts). Binge drinking is nothing to mess with it is to be taken very seriously study’s show that 1,800 college students die from alcohol related cause (Roberts). While going into the workforce can be stressful as well you don’t have to worry about paying off additional debt as well as school depression because you will have more time for yourself and you can jump into a job that suits your needs and one that you can enjoy because there is a lot of options to chose from when joing the workforce. Some call it the “freshmen 15” but it is college weight gain most college students have to deal with this because college students are always busy and in a rush so they tend to eat out a lot. Unhealthy eating habits can cause a lot of health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. College students are more likely to have unhealthy eating habits then others because of social gathers most colleges offer free food and have events with food and that’s what attracts college students because they most likely don’t have a lot of money to spend on food so they will eat whatever is offered to them. Another cause of this is lack of physical activity because students are usually studying or relaxing to clear there head (Roberts).

Some people say that college is worth it because of better paying jobs and open door opportunity’s with extensive research I can tell you that is not the case. College can be a lose to some financially as well as the peoples overall health with that being said college may be for some but it is not for everybody.

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